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Under Construction! New non-Adobe Flash menu & content coming soon!

Notice/Update: We are moving, redesigning and expanding this site significantly over the next few weeks. Much of our content was designed in Adobe Flash technology, which has been discontinued, and we are in the process of transitioning so we have not replaced this content.

Our temporary/unfinished multi-media introduction to The QEA is available here. We had some problems with a previous production software and have not gone back and fixed the issue yet, as other priorities are more urgent at this time.

This web site is a work in progress. We value the needs of our clients and students over our own desire for a professional quality presentation. We are therefore focusing on completing the content of this site before upgrading to the more modern and interactive interface system which we have been developing.

What you see is a very basic level representation of our web and other marketing/branding material development capabilities, focusing on function before form in order to deliver the information which our clients, prospective clients and students have requested in a timely manner.

We are a not-for-profit organization, completely student/client supported, and independently created by volunteers.

Please help support this work by donating money, equipment, service, or at least sharing this with people you care about through your social networks and organizations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. Enjoy the rest of our site!


We look forward to serving you with the same integrity and excellence which brought us such clients as:

and many more