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Brand, Art & Advertising Media Production


Digital Media Magicâ„¢ - Educational, Entertainment, Advertising and Art Production Services

Production Services:

We capture the feeling, the soul/essence of a scene, subject or information in media and present it in creative, artistic, and engaging ways for the enjoyment and enrichment of the viewer.

The Quantum Empowered Difference:

As with all things Quantum, (as in Quantum Physics: the scientific study of the smallest/deepest aspects and levels of “reality”); the power of our work comes from going deeper than the common superficial level. Understanding and using the deeper principles of life, creativity, art and skill allows a greater awareness and passion for the art than the common photographer, and the ability to bring out those deeper levels in whatever/whoever we are photographing as well as the quality of our work. We focus on capturing the essence/energy and beauty of the subject with a passion that comes from the core of our being.

Because we are passionate about our work, we delve deeply into the soul of each kind of work we do, educating ourselves thoroughly in the art and exploring every aspect. We pay careful attention to detail, both in manner of camera and subject, technique and application. When photographing adults, children or animals, we work diligently to bring out the deeper nature of the subject. We help them become as comfortable and natural as temperament and environment will allow, with as little “unnatural posing” as possible.When working with adults, we prefer to allow our clients to choose their own poses and outfit, and request minimal makeup to maintain the natural look and feel of each individual.

We take special care in getting to know you and your motivations, interests, passions, and comfort zone so that we can better meet your individual needs, especially when working one-on-one in private photo shoots. This is one of the reasons we especially enjoy in-home and outdoor photography. These are the places our models and other clients are most comfortable, and help to bring out the true character of the individual.

Whether you are a model we are photographing for an advertising campaign or an individual getting candid shots as a present for your romantic partner, what makes the difference is the energy you bring to the photo. If you're not comfortable, your inner beauty won't shine through, and the outer body will seem like a hollow shell. We care about our clients, and we do our best to bring out your inner beauty. This isn't just a profession, it is an art, and you are the masterpiece. We do our best to create the environment and creative presentation that best suites the divine masterpiece that you are.

What We Offer:

When it comes to photography, we primarily work in the areas of Fine Art, Glamor, and Advertising Photography and Photo Art. All categories are available, these simply are the most common categories we work in.

We have partnered with a local Hollywood-quality photo and video production studio, with green screen capability, for space and equipment for all indoor photography and production needs, though we also offer outdoor and event photo and video shoots, as well as private in-home/on-location production services for private parties, family events or portrait shoots, etc.

For businesses and organizations, we can apply photos and other media to marketing and advertising materials, which you can supply or we can develop the designs for: including branding, web sites and other media and materials, such as physical and digital portfolios for modeling and other professions, video presentations or other products.

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