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The Talent Empowerment Arts ProgramSM : Modeling Opportunities

Local Talent Search - Modeling specifics:

We are looking for models in Northern California, specifically the Butte County/Chico and surrounding areas if you're open to commuting to Butte County for a shoot. Photography is only the beginning, and only part of what we do. We create both advertising materials and art of varying genres.

We offer Branding and Marketing Materials Design for businesses/organizations. When you work with us, you're not just being photographed; you're being showcased. Companies come to us for their advertising, and for examples of what good marketing looks like. We are creating a new marketing and branding showcase and would like to feature you in it, which we will then advertise to our clients. There are many opportunities currently available, including modeling for a major national clothing company looking to expand. We are currently scheduling interviews with local models. Qualifying models will then be given the opportunity to show their skills in a trial photo shoot, which will be used to advertise the models who we accept.

Not only can we get you into the modeling business or launch you if you're just starting out, but we can launch you globally right away by offering companies around the world the ability to have you on their web site, on their brochures, and in their TV commercials and marketing presentations. There is no "middle man": we are not a talent agency, nor do we prefer to use any. We are a part of the business development division, providing marketing/advertising products and services as well as art, and we prefer to choose our talent directly.

We are not looking for "Hollywood/runway" style skin-and-bones unhealthy models. We are looking for well-groomed, healthy individuals who like/want to shine and show off their style and presence. We understand that tattoos and piercings are a popular form of self-expression, and are open to non-traditional models.

We are looking for brains, not just beauty. Many modeling agencies are having trouble finding and promoting models who not only look good, but also can act as a spokesperson for a company to showcase clothing and other products. They want someone who interviews well and can speak with intelligence and confidence.

Ladies, if you know what kind of clothing you like and why, and can communicate that to others in detail, this is the kind of thing we are talking about. If someone walks up to you while you are demonstrating an outfit at a live event and wants to talk about the material and feel of the product, they want you to be able to carry on that conversation. There are other opportunities available than just clothing, but this example gets the point across and applies to some of our current open positions.

Important note from our lead photographer:

"We are looking for passionate individuals who aren't just looking for a paycheck, but actually enjoy modeling. Some people love being photographed, showing off their style and expressing themselves. I don't like just telling people to 'stand here and do this'. That creates very 'dry' photos. If you are new to modeling, I am happy to teach you the basics, but you must be teachable and able to apply these principles creatively to express yourself.

I want to showcase you: your personality, your passion, soul, talents. I want to help you realize your modeling dreams and express yourself through an art form. In high school I often heard girls talking about how they always wanted to be a model, express themselves, how they would love to find an artist who would capture their beauty in painting, picture or drawing. I was too shy back then, but I've grown out of it and have trained hard to learn to do so professionally and skillfully.

I photograph models for advertising, and also for art. As part of your interview, you will be asked what style(s) and genre(s) of art or advertising you would like to participate in. You will be expected to have reviewed the above concepts and be ready to name and/or describe/demonstrate what you are interested in. There are a variety of opportunities available, and creativity is both respected and cultivated here at the QEA. Come express yourself and make money doing it!"

Photo shoot locations:

"I prefer outdoor photography; which is less complicated, more abundant with creative inspiration than studio work, more peaceful (which helps less experienced models relax and enjoy the process) and more versatile. I sometimes accept requests for indoor/in-home/event shoots as well, but this is not my primary focus.

We do have a studio space for paid work, and a private vintage mansion we are able to use for our vintage work, such as our Pin-Up Project. However, I prefer outdoor natural lighting for many kinds of shoots. I'm a naturalist, both when it comes to lighting and cosmetic use. I believe natural beauty is preferable to artificial, restricted beauty."

My Passion and Plans:

"I love people, I love creativity, I love inspiring and bringing out the essence of my models. Do you have ideas you would like to try? I want to work with you, help you create the life you want expressing yourself. I am looking for models to turn into paintings and other kinds of art. My creativity knows no bounds, and I want to experiment with different kinds and styles of art with our models, and collaborate with other artists to express their vision as well.

Over the years I have studied drawing, painting, and even movie special effects. I want to paint/design sci-fi and fantasy landscapes as backgroundsfor our art, both photographically and in drawing/painting form. Many people fantasize about being the inspiration for drawings/paintings of mermaids, fairies, monsters, angels, super heroes... and you can.

Let Us Inspire You:

Our Portfolio has a variety of professional artistic work, (not just photography), for you to review. For more photo-based art, you may review my personal Facebook (most up-to-date photos), Myspace (old but has good work), and DeviantArt (under construction so few pieces) profiles and look at my albums/favorites. Much more work is available to review upon request, this just gives you an idea of my style and interests. We hope to complete the full professional gallery of: my work, as well as that of our other main photographer, and possibly even our other independent team members, within the next month or two.

Would you like to be one of the characters in a piece of art similar to what you see in the DeviantArt profile Gallery and Favorites? Let me know. I have been planning this for years. Not only do I want to photograph you or your friends, but I want to make art and sell it, and make us both money. Here is a sample of what we have planned via Pinterest Boards we have been putting together to demonstrate and collect ideas for our work, which is more viewable than DeviantArt.

We also now have a Facebook Page for our studio. Now that I have a permanent team, and I'm expanding my art work and programs, I felt it was time to expand this brand to better communicate who we are as well as prepare for our coming productions. We have some demos of our work, but we are expanding more rapidly than we have time to post portfolio updates for. Check out our YourTube Channel posted on our Links page to see our latest HD Multi-Media work.

Are you an artist who designs clothes? I need exotic/unique clothing for our models. Are you really good at designing landscapes or technologies? Let's work together to make masterpieces!"

How can you get involved?

    • If you're an artist; fill out the Talent Program Application We will contact you to arrange an interview. Email or call if you do not hear back from us within 72 hours of your submission.
    • If you know an artist who is struggling, let them know about us right away! (It's easy to forget, and they pay the price.)
    • If you would like to offer your support, have contacts in the industry who might be interested in offering services/opportunities (such as art Galleries, Talent Scouts, Magazines/Publishers or Radio/TV and other arts related opportunities, funding or classes/trainings) or would like to find other ways to participate: fill in our contact form and reference Talent Program Support , and we will contact you to discuss the matter.
    • If you are a business in need of branding/marketing services/materials; we are hiring these starting artists during our marketing materials development process. Choosing The QEA to help you create the life/business of your dreams means helping launch these talented artists. Contact us for a FREE consultation and find out how we can help you achieve your dreams!
    • Most importantly, anyone can help spread the word by telling their networks, friends and family members about The QEA and The Talent Empowerment SM Arts Program so email/blog/network away and tell everyone you know about this wonderful new program.