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We capture the feeling, soul or essence of a scene, subject or information in media, (photo or video), and present it in creative, artistic ways for the enjoyment and enrichment of the viewer.

You may review our Portfolio for demonstrations of our branding, marketing/advertising, photography and photo editing, graphic/special FX work: both digital and print.

This is a temporary rush post for several of our clients, and will be updated shortly.

Photography - Packages and Pricing
Package HRS ED RE UN CD Outfit Changes DP Price
Bronze 1h - 1 5 1 Unlimited! None $90
Silver 2h 1 10 10 1 Unlimited! 5% $175
Gold 2.5h 1 10 20 1 Unlimited! 10% $275
Platinum 3h 1 10 50 1 Unlimited! 15% $375
Basic Modeling/Artist Portfolio 2h 1 10 20 1 Unlimited! 5% $200
Enhanced Portfolio 2.5h 2 10 40 1 Unlimited! 10% $325
Group (5 or less) ? - - All 1 Unlimited! None $75/hr
Special Discounts ? - - All 1 Unlimited! None $35/hr
Custom Events ? - 10+ 20+ 1+ Unlimited! 15% $500+


  • HRS = Hours Reserved
  • ED = Edited
  • RE = Retouched
  • UN = Untouched
  • DP = Discount On Prints
  • CD = Disc of original images excluding enhancements (may be DVD with larder packages)

Average Package Savings Estimate: $50 – 400!+

(based on our minimum hourly non-package rate of $75/hr and the minimum photo Editing (ED) rate. This does not include Discount Price (DP), the price of all the UNtouched photos (usually over 100!), or CD/DVD (average $125-250 from most studios!), so this is a Low Estimate; most people save much more! Plus, you get full reprint rights to the digital photos you purchase!)

Do the math, it's a major savings. Why? Simple; we don't believe making and saving memories should cost a month's salary. We're rebels with a cause. Hehe

We use the top software in the business, so it can take us less time than those using other/older software and equipment. We want to make it affordable for everyone, and we know happy customers refer their friends. It's a win-win situation for everyone, and we like making as many people happy as we can.


Special Discounts apply to seniors (60+) and low income customers, as well as occasional promotions such as our current talent search! We are looking for local talented visual and performance artists and models! See the Talent Program for more information. Talent Program

The Editing included in the Platinum package has limits. It can take hours or even days for some elaborate SFX work in which dozens or even hundreds of layers and special effects are created, as with movie backgrounds, mask/character designs, 3D elements and other high-end work. This Platinum inclusion is limited to 4 hours of SFX work.

Enhancement Descriptions & Prices:

Edited (ED): High quality photo special FX such as tone and lighting, clothing color changes, changing foreground or background elements, adding stock photos or graphics, as well as standard glamor retouching.

Retouched (RE): Modern glamor retouching such as skin tone and blemish, make-up, hair, figure, and tooth color correction. (This is definitely the most popular photo choice.)

Untouched (UN): Traditional basic corrections such as basic color and exposure correction, sometimes including basic background correction/clean-up.

Enhancement Prices for emailed digital copies only, not CD/DVDs or prints.

These services are available for your current photos as well. Memories are precious, and it's sad to see people throwing away recorded memories simply because they don't know what can be done. If you have photos that you would like recovered/restored, lightened or otherwise edited; we would be happy to take a look at the photos and discuss how we can help.


Since every event is different, we offer customized packages starting at $500 for local events and $800 for events outside a 50 mile radius (as a general rule). Each package is suited to fit your needs, as well as extras:

  • Custom-branded picture CD/DVD availability for attendees
  • Multimedia presentations to commemorate the event
  • Customized memorabilia such as
    • T-Shirts
    • Commemorative albums
      • Digital
      • Print
    • Calendars
    • Stickers
    • and many other desired products.

Fill out our inquiry form on the Contact Us page for more information or to schedule a shoot or event.