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For information about Branding and Marketing materials or other products for promoting and growing your organization, business or cause; visit our services page. We offer quality custom branded products suited to your specific needs.

Quantum Empowerment Technologies: (Under Construction/Re-Design)

Tools for empowering your mind, body and soul developed using cutting-edge scientific knowledge and techniques for activating human potential.

PDF Coherence Bodywear TM Jewelry and Cards - Info Document: EMF defense, balance, enhanced brain function and much more!

PDF Coherence Bodywear TM Bracelets & Necklaces/Pendants: EMF defense, balance, enhanced brain function and much more!

Note: Our Coherence Bodywear TM documents above are only examples of our main line. We can actually program most stones/gems and have multiple product lines. We can usually program your favorite piece of jewelry or birth stone. Custom orders/special requests are available.

PDF The VitaLazer TM Food and Beverage Laser: Reprogram your food on a quantum level to be healthy and empowering!

PDF The MeroVector System: Generates and sustains an active 24/7 dome of quantum energy and information for the purposes of environmental (internal/external) clearing & balancing

PDF Biofeedback Laser Systems: Low Level Energy Therapy!

PDF Quantum Empowerment TM Sprays: What would it be worth to you if you could be at the "TOP OF YOUR GAME" On Demand ... Anytime? Coming Soon!

Purchasing Products and Custom Orders:

Our shopping cart is still under construction. If you wish to purchase items or would like more information, please let us know what you're interested in via our Contact From. If you have found that you like one of the above listed items, you may request it by name. Once a product has been chosen, either by direct request in the form or in a consultation with one of our staff, an invoice will be sent using PayPal for you to complete your order.


The products mentioned here or otherwise available through/marketed by The QEA are NOT medical products. The products listed are meant for experimental use only. They are not intended for use in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or the mitigation of any disease in humans, animals or plants.
If you have a health related condition or concern, always consult a licensed health care professional educated in Holistic Therapy and this type of energy technology. Individual results may vary.