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QEA & Project Overview:

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WARNING - UNFINISHED! - This video seems to have been cut off at the end. The software used to produce the video glitched in the production process.

We are working on re-creating it in HD video format, which is more efficient anyway: and the final result will be a series of short videos you can more easily review at your leasure via our YouTube channel.

Here are the preliminary videos, including the OLD presentation and new missing pieces re-created in HD, as well as the first few HD installments of the HD recreation videos.

QEA Plan of Action: Multi-Stage Setup and Launch (currently in Stage 1 Phase 2, updated June 2017)

    • Stage 1 - Launching the 1st level of projects/programs as available
      • Launching full services & products of each project as they are ready
        • QE Institute is ready so it will launch first
        • Other projects will likely launch in presented order (video presentation)
      • Sustainable System Creation - Fundraising, service and product creation system development for sustainability and individual project expansion, as well as community support
    • Stage 2 – 2nd Level Fundraising and Preparation
      • $12K minimum 6 month budget for initial R&D and launch
      • Recruiting, Alliance Solidification and Development
        • Member/Group Alliances
        • Volunteer/Intern Program
          • Computer Techs
          • Web Techs
          • Audio/Video Techs
          • Info/Research Processors
          • Graphic Artists
          • Branding Specialists
          • Consultants
          • Educators/Trainers
          • Marketers/Advertisers/PR
        • Technology Acquisition
          • Required Equipment/Technologies research
            • Audio/Video Software & Hardware
              • Design Laptops/Mobile Desktops/Combination of systems
              • Adobe Design Suite/Cloud Subscriptions(s)
              • Web Hosting Partnership with Adobe
              • A/V Recording Equpiment
                • Noise-Canceling Wireless Microphones
                • HD Cameras
                • HD Vid Cameras
                • Lighting Equipment
                • Green Screens
            • QE Tech
            • Research Tech
              • Kirlian Photograhpy or better
              • Vortex energy technologies
        • Research
          • Interviews
          • Experiments
          • Information Gathering and Processing
    • Stage 3 - Detailed Project Planning
    • Stage 4 - Global Expansion
      • Global Community Support Events (Relative to each project: arts, sustainability, etc.)
        • Information Sharing
          • Trainings & Presentations
          • Workshops
          • Information Products
          • Online Radio/TV Show
        • Community Development Meetings
    • Stage 5 - Funding and launch of successive levels/stages of projects over the next 5 years
      • Non-profit incorporation of projects as they mature