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Quantum Empowerment Services

Holistic Human Potential Services - Personal Empowerment

  • Holistic University Training Classes - Increase your knowledge, develop skills, and learn to expand and explore your full potential!
    • Empowered Learning VS Average Learning Techniques & Systems: What Works Best
    • Quantum-Empowered Relaxation & Emotion/Stress Management
    • Quantum-Empowered Mental Virus Removal Self-Help Training
      • Wetreach you how to identify, remove & reprogram inaccurate, self-saboraging beliefs and habits
    • Empowering Relationship Development and Maintenance
      • Empowering Self-Knowledge System
      • Empowering Communication & Conflict Resolution System
      • Healthy Relationship Development & Maintenance Principles, Systems & Tools
    • Quantum-Empowered Ability Development Training
    • and much more!
  • Holistic Coaching & Therapies - Our coaches and therapists support your walk down the road of life in a sustainable, empowering manner; teaching you to recover from baggage and access your hidden potential to create your highest and best possible life in every area
    • Holistic Coaching/Therapy - Individual, couple and even group sessions/programs available!
      • Quantum-Empowered Relaxation, Emotion Management & Stress Reduction (95% of stress is needless and self-caused)
      • Quantum-Empowered Mental Virus Removal & Replacement
        • Removal & replacement of inaccurate, self-saboraging or otherwise detrimental beliefs and habits with beneficial versions
      • Quantum-Empowered Healing & Recovery from trauma, abuse, neglect, rape and molestation, and other mental-emotional baggage
      • Empowering Relationship Development and Maintenance
      • Empowered Consciousness Development
      • Quantum-Empowered Ability Development
      • and just about anything else!
    • Holistic Physical Therapy
      • A combination of physical, mental-emotional and spiritual/energy therapies customized to fit your situation, combining systems such as:
        • Acupressure
        • Various relaxing and therapeutic massage techniques
        • Zone Therapy
        • Chiropractic Work
        • Bio & Subtle Energy Therapy
        • Auditory/Audio-Visual Therapy
        • Light, Color & Laser Therapy

Holistic Human Potential Services - Business/Organization Empowerment

  • Holistic Businesses Empowerment Services - Empower your business with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet and surpass your goals with the latest scientific research and training
    • Quantum-Empowered Consulting & Coaching/Training/Mentoring
    • Quantum-Empowered Brand Development & Implementation (Internal and External, Including Management & Staff Atmosphere And Training)
    • Quantum-Empowered Marketing Strategy & Product Development
    • Advertising & Multi-Media Production – Digital, Print & Audio/Video
      • Advertising Materials
      • Training/Educational & Other Explanatory Presentations
    • Product Design & Production
      • 2D & 3D Mock-up Design
      • Prototyping
      • Even 3D Printing!

Holistic Human Potential Services - Community Empowerment

  • Under Construction - Check Back Soon!

General Services

  • Under Construction - Check Back Soon!

For a more thorough description of each category, including the missing Community Empowerment aspects, see the appropriate pages in the menu below. You can find the Community Empowerment coaching and training information in the QE Training Program sections.

Learn about our projects and programs by watching our new multi-media introduction to The QEA available here.