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The Talent Empowerment Arts ProgramTM : Introduction

We know America has talent, but what about our local communities? Do we acknowledge our local talent? Do we support them and buy their art or hire them to put on shows instead of bringing artists from other cities, states, or even countries? Do we work together as communities and cities to help them succeed?

How often do you hear about local talent from your local news stations, papers, theaters and organizations? Do local businesses help them? Do you buy their CDs, pottery, jewelry, paintings, see their acts, let them paint or decorate your rooms?

We don't hear about this kind of talent much, let alone support them. At The QEA, we think it's time to work together, and as part of our community movement; we're doing what we can and encouraging others to do the same. We want to eliminate the term "starving artist" from the minds of the world by recognizing and promoting the talented people who haven't yet achieved their dreams creating a living with their talents. Would you like to help?

By Artists For Artists!

We're launching a program to support local talent and help them create the life they've always wanted. This isn't just for our community, but all communities. We're gathering the resources, people and organizations necessary to accomplish these goals, and everyone can help in some way.

We have a substantial global network of people and organizations who have already expressed serious interest and offered their support. We have been contacted by radio stations and networks, and even offered money to create this program for them. We have a global network of over 25,000 people and businesses from which we are organizing the team, resources and systems to create the biggest talent support program and community in recorded history!

Everyone we talk to is interested. Everyone knows at least one friend or family member with a lot of talent, who just doesn't have the knowledge or resources to make his or her dreams come true. Let's make it happen!

Would you like to know more? Would you like to know what you can do to help? We will soon be holding local and online discussions and talent promotions. Our global teams and alliances are growing continually. Get in on the fun and let's make some dreams come true!

We are looking for artists and other talent right now! Are you an artist? Do you:

    • Model (or support models with services such as make-up and clothing design)
    • Paint
    • Sculpt
    • Draw
    • Write
    • Make films
    • Write music

Would you like to? Do you have some "hidden" or "undiscovered" talent? Would you like some help making a living with your talents? What is your dream?

If you're not an artist, do you know someone who could use our help? If you said yes to any of these questions, fill out our contact form; let us know what you do or what your dream is, and one of our representatives will contact you to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help.

More details and current opportunities: