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The Talent Empowerment Arts ProgramTM : Details And Opportunities

Local Talent Search:

We are currently looking for talented artists on a national level and models locally (to start with) who are ready to follow their passion and take their first steps down the road to success.

We are now launching the first stage of this program, offering multiple services and opportunities to talented artists in the visual and performing arts. This includes musicians/bands, singers, painters, graphic artists, models, potters, poets: if what you do can be seen or heard and you feel you're ready to start making a living/launch a business with it; we want to help you! We provide education, tools, resources, contacts/connections, contracts/clients and much more to help you make your dream come true!

For Modeling specifics click here

The Talent Empowerment Cooperative Arts CommunityTM (By Artists For Artists!)

Why spend thousands of dollars selling/promoting your art on your own web site? It's time for us to work together with other artists as a community to promote one big online gallery/store with many more features and professional presentation materials for less. It's time to leverage the power of cooperative community!

Here's how this works:

Imagine that ten artists are meeting to discuss "going professional" and each getting a web site for their art so they can sell online, since even the ones selling their art already aren't making the money they want from local galleries, stores, or even E-bay. One makes pottery, two make clothing, another paints, two have bands, one wants to be a model, two more make jewelry and the last one is a photographer.

The person who called the meeting recently retired and moved into the area, and ran a marketing and consulting business in the capital city before retiring. Some of the artists are his friends, but most of them are just local people who's work he liked and wanted to help them sell.

If they each got a professional (not someone's cousin who just learned how to build a basic site in high school/college) web site; it would cost between $1,500 and $5,000 per site (depending partly on whether they wanted to start a company or just sell their art under their own name, among many other choices included). For ten people, that's $15,000 to $50,000. The potter and several others don't have the money for the site itself, they don't have the knowledge/training or money to market it once they get one, and there are much better options.

Instead, the marketer recommends that they work together and pool their resources to get what they want. He's an artist himself, and wants to create an arts community and system to market their art so they don't have to start a business if they don't want to or waste their money by buying services separately, allowing them to spend their time focusing on what they love: their art.

Just as college students live together to make housing cheaper, artists can buy products and services together and get group discounts. They don't have to wait for a company to discover and support them, they can work together to promote themselves!

That's the idea. Once the arts community is created, they can:
    • Post and sell their art,
    • Find other artists to work together with,
    • Create alliances and joint ventures,
    • Attract talent scouts, general business and even high level contracts,
    • Continue to pool their resources as a community instead of just individually, allowing them to:
      • At very least get a much better deal on numerous products and services they might not otherwise have the money to pay for 
      • Gather the ongoing tools and resources they need on the road to achieving their dreams
      • Get professional education/training
      • Get contacts and fund-raising support for areas of this program, as well as their own projects
Those of you who are not artists can:
    • Get to know your local artists with profiles and even audio/video interviews and presentations
    • Acquire local art/services for your business/organization online quickly and easily
    • Support local art and arts programs
This is just the tip of the iceberg. We are creating/implementing:
    • Radio/TV commercials/shows
    • Custom technologies to make the processes and systems easier, fast, customizable, powerful and unique
    • Local and global distribution alliances to sell their art for them
    • Small business and fortune level training programs, alliances and joint ventures through an established global network of tens of thousands of people and businesses
    • and much more...
In short, the artist community members will get the
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Branding
    • Education/Training and Guidance
    • Tools
    • Resources (including funding)
    • And Connections
they need to create a part-time income, small or multi-million dollar business of their dreams!

How can you get involved?

    • If you're an artist; fill out the Talent Program Application. We will contact you to arrange an interview.
    • If you know an artist who is struggling, let them know about us right away! (It's easy to forget, and they pay the price.)
    • If you would like to offer your support, have contacts in the industry who might be interested in offering services/opportunities (such as art Galleries, Talent Scouts, Magazines/Publishers or Radio/TV and other arts related opportunities, funding or classes/trainings) or would like to find other ways to participate: fill in our contact form and reference Talent Program Support , and we will contact you to discuss the matter.
    • If you are a business in need of branding/marketing services/materials; we are hiring these starting artists during our marketing materials development process. Choosing The QEA to help you create the life/business of your dreams means helping launch these talented artists. Contact us for a FREE consultation and find out how we can help you achieve your dreams!
    • Most importantly, anyone can help spread the word by telling their networks, friends and family members about The QEA and The Talent Empowerment TM Arts Program so email/blog/network away and tell everyone you know about this wonderful new program.