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Digital Media Magic Studio Portfolio Overview:

Branding Demo1

We offer many categories of cutting-edge custom-branded HD logo/graphic, user interface, marketing materials and media development. We have prepared several photo galleries, videos, as well as a basic multi-media presentation for you to review. These will give you examples of just some of what we can do for you and what we have been doing over the last 20 years.

Due to the fact that we retired from professional work for several years, many of the web site demonstrations here are outdated, though due to the cutting-edge high-quality work we have always done: they are still mostly appropriate and applicable demonstrations of the excellense, high quality and style you can ALWAYS expect from us.

For up-to-date demonstrations and further examples, see our Team Leader's Facebook Page and Our NEW Studio Facebook Page, as well as our Photo Art Online Store.

Gallery Instructions:

Once you click the links below you will be taken to the corresponding gallery.

Like most photo galleries, you may Click on any item to see a larger Detailed View, which you may then close after viewing OR click through the other images in Detailed Viewing Mode.

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General Branding Gallery:

This gallery set includes demonstrations of our marketing & branding work over the last decade or so, from logos to posters and brochures.

Web Branding Templates & Demos: (Under Construction, link takes you to the Branding Gallery NOT Web)

We have many sources for design templates and multiple design teams for larger projects. This is just a sampling of our available web site templates. These are all HTML/XHTML CSS web sites. We also design/re-design graphic skins/interfaces for web systems such as Word-press and Os-commerce.

We haven't done any contracted web work in many years due to other priorities taking precedent, so keep in mind that these are old web site demonstrations. We have also eliminated the examples of Flash Animation, though some of these photos still demonstrate Flash Animated pages, as Flash is being phased out and replaced with more modern technologies.

We are currently in the process of converting this site's Flash features to other technologies.

Photo Art:

This gallery includes example demonstrations of Photo Art we create.

Photo/Graphic Editing:

This gallery includes a few example demonstrations of the Photo Editing/FX work we perform for clients as well as for our own marketing and web work.

Web and Graphic Accents:

Our other galleries show you specific designs. This gallery demonstrates our style and creativity when it comes to graphic and interface design, including lighting and color, texture, scroll bars, engraving, metal work and shape creation. For more examples see our Team Leader's Facebook Page and Our NEW Studio Facebook Page.

Multimedia Presentation: (Menu under construction; above menu link not added yet. Click the button below.)

Here is a teaser Flash presentation we put together many years ago to introduce people to the high quality graphics and animation possible with modern technology. Presentation

HD Multimedia Development:

Not only do we develop high quality and well-branded web sites, but also various forms of interactive software and marketing media. From animated powerpoint presentations, to DVD interface designs, to animated web interfaces and down-loadable programs/apps: we can design just about anything! Interactive multi-media samples & demonstrations are presented here to give you a taste of what modern software can do, including 3D animation and interaction.

This includes HD Audio and Video presentations!

We are expanding more rapidly than we have time to post portfolio updates for. Check out our YourTube Channel to see our latest HD Audio & Video work.

Vocal Talent:

You can also review a narration from one of our voice actors/singers in this video advertisement for a children's book which was produced by a partner studio. Disclaimer: We recommended that they lower the volume of the background music and they agreed; as it was interfering with the narration: but they seem to have forgotten during the production process. Please keep in mind that this is their error, not ours. Here is his recently-created showcase of some of his other vocal talent demonstrations (only just begun, so it only has a few videos yet, as his old recordings are still being converted to video).

Other Media or Event Talent - Photographers, Models, Actors and Performing Artists:

We have an extensive network of talent we can bring in for your various media and event needs. For some examples, especially photography and modeling, see our Team Leader's Facebook Page and Our NEW Studio Facebook Page.

Though we don't always get paid to produce at our desired level of quality, we have a high standard of excellence in workmanship for all services we provide. We have only recently expanded into full video production over the last few years: building on our previous work in animated slide and interactive presentations, which operate on the same principles.

Creating videos as unpaid volunteers for The QEA, we have not been able to afford the time to animate and video-record for our latest YouTube Show, but we feel that it demonstrates our high standards for graphic and audio quality, and have received much praise and thanks for such aspects of all our previous work for our clients.

Our other work, especially our most recent videos on the YouTube channel linked above, much better demonstrate our quality HD level of excellence. We have full HD audio and video recording equipment, and full video episodes are being edited for compilation & will be posted very soon.

Hollywood Quality Studio:

We have access to a large local studio space with full Hollywood-quality white and green screens, lighting and equipment for the highest level of photo/video filming to meet all your media production needs.

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