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The Quantum Empowerment Coaching Program

The Q.E.T. Program is the empowerment program, developed by The Quantum Empowerment Coach™ and his team, by which The Quantum Empowerment University™ teaches people how to achieve their full empowered potential, from the deep "root"/"causal" (hence quantum) level up to the observable “effect” level.

This is accomplished through educational Classes and Workshops offered to our students, and then Coaching Services to guide our students through the process of applying the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques they learn in an empowered way to become the successful people they want to be, living the life they deserve.

Just as an athlete needs a coach/guide who knows the journey and can help you avoid needless pitfalls and mistakes, as well as replace limiting beliefs and habits with those which allow top performance: we need Coaching to upgrade how we play the game of life to the best of our ability, providing the caring support, guidance and accountability we need to keep us on track to achieve our goals in the best way possible.

Our Simple Coaching Process:

  • Observe and discuss what people do and the results they are creating (whether beneficial or detrimental; NOT a judgment of “good” and “bad”)
  • Coach and Train for Success
    • Identify problems/Mental Virus Scan (Identify observably detrimental situations, actions and patterns [Mental Viruses] which take people out of happiness and peace, and hinder success )
    • Present solutions, systems and tools to implement in order to recover their happiness and peace, and achieve success (in whatever ways you define as success, not living by the often-misguided standards of others)
      • Important Note:
        These items are intentionally ordered sequentially to demonstrate the inside-out approach required to actually accomplish them. True success in situations outside of us comes only as a result/holographic projection of, and to the degree/extent of, our inner mental-emotional order and power. Without inner order and power, we have little ability to achieve high levels of success and positive change.
    • Provide the empowering education  people require to:
      • Identify and implement the changes for themselves which will bring them freedom, happiness, success and peace
        • train them in the multi-level skills of problem identification and research, solution processing and implementation to help them become their own best therapist and teacher

As you may or may not be aware; our society has become distracted with and over-complicated by extreme perspectives and methods. It has become imbalanced and unhealthy, corrupted by selfishness, greed and other symptoms of Fear/Lack and Abuse/Trauma-Based Thinking (viruses of the mind).

We do not follow typical western-societal/European thinking or methods, and are very Holistic, (encompassing all levels of people, not simply mind and body), in study and practice; drawing on global wisdom, both modern and ancient.

We are not motivated by selfishness and greed, but by love and compassion for suffering humanity, and often donate our time, knowledge and skills to the poor and destitute. We offer low income discounts and scholarship programs, and do not believe that someone's financial or other status in this artificial societal system should hinder them from receiving the help and support they need to live happy, fulfilling, free and empowered lives of success.

Our clients and students have repeatedly told us that we have helped them more in one coaching session than their "shrink" did in years of "therapy"/counseling. Why? How? By teaching them to think differently and actually work through their issues by resolving the core/"root" problem, like the root of an ivy plant (which will keep growing back unless you destroy/remove the roots)!

We don't simply teach people what to do or think, as many try to do; but instead we teach people how to learn and think for themselves. We help people understand the world and people around them (better than they commonly believe they can). We help people create better relationships, especially through a system by which they come to understand themselves, and communicate that understanding to others, and then establish a real fit with that person.

We teach people to make educated, empowered and beneficial choices: rather than ignorant, dis-empowered attempts. We teach from the combined perspective of both science and spirituality, including empowering sustainable systems, and ways of living in harmony with nature and it's laws and resources.

From mystics to millionaires, we learn from and share the wisdom of those who throughout the ages have learned the rarely-understood empowering secrets of success. No subject is off limits to the truly-open scientific mind/soul, seeking all True Wisdom (Gnosis) no matter where, or through whom, it may be found.

Whether through the wisdom of Shamans or captains of industry, inventors and engineers, or therapists and healers of mind, body and soul: we learn and share the wisdom of those who actually accomplish goals and create solutions: who live truly fulfilling, empowered lives of freedom, happiness, peace and success; not simply those who theorize about many things but accomplish few.

Knowledge is potential power, and ignorance (lack of knowledge) is lack of even the potential for power, and leaves people lost in empty, un-fulfilling lives. Join us in learning to use your full human potential to create a life you can truly feel happy and fulfilled in, a life worth living because it is lived well, with passion, and to the fullest extent possible every hour of every day.

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