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Core Areas of Potential addressed through our QE Training & Coaching Programs: (v4.2 updated 2/6/2016)

We teach and facilitate Empowered Success via Personal, Professional, Organizational, Community and Societal empowered growth by teaching and helping people apply over 20 Systems and dozens of empowering wisdom principles, tools and skills presented topically.

It can often be easier to understand what we teach and how it can help you by reading the list of common challenges explained and overcome through this work, to see what troubles and suffering we help people resolve in everyday life. That list can also be compared to the Topical List below to see how these challenges are overcome quickly and easily by teaching core principles which apply to every aspect of life, which we intend to create a chart demonstrating soon.

These topics include, but are not limited to, such subjects as:

  • Creating A Fulfilling Empowered Life
    • Developing Mental-Emotional Maturity, Confidence and Inner Peace
      • Developing Conscious Awareness
      • Intellectual Intelligence & Critical Thinking
      • Emotional Intelligence and Maturity
      • Building Confidence, Independence & A Stable Foundation
      • Developing Inner Peace and Stability
      • Empowered Defence of Yourself and Others
        • Quantum Empowered Self-Defense
        • Protecting Others (The Return Of Knights, Danes & Chivalry)
    • Your Relationship With Yourself ("Know Thyself")
      • Understanding, Improving and Accepting Yourself
        • What You Are
        • Who You Are
          • You Are Not Your Role, Who Are You Really?
          • Your Value - What You Have To Offer
            • Your Potential To Be and To Serve
        • Why You Are Here
          • Understanding Your Life Purpose/Path
          • Exploring Your Full Potential
      • Understanding Your Relationship To The World And Society
        • Understanding Society
        • Understanding What The World Is and How It Works
        • Understand How You Fit Into, Effect, And Are Effected By The World
      • Recovering Your True Self/Inner Child: The Diamond Process
      • BEing Love
        • Making Love And Peace Your Default State
        • Learning To Practice Love In Every Area Of Life
          • Coherence & Entrainment – The New Sciences Of Connection
          • Developing Conscious Awareness
          • Reiki/Love Energy Healing and Empowerment
    • Creating Quantum Empowered Social Relationships
      • Personal (friends, family & other social groups)
      • Romantic Relationships/Marriage
      • Business, Govermental, Organizational and Societal (the core principles are basically the same)
  • Q.E. Holistic Wellness and Ageless Living
    • Physical, Mental-Emotional and Spiritual/Subtle Energetic Wellness
    • Recovering From A Troubled Past
  • Creating a Q.E. Home, Work and Communal Space
  • Q.E. Professional and Organizational Potential
  • Empowering Community Service and Contribution

  • Special Interest: Ancient Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed
    • Demystifying The Mystical: Science and Spirituality Reunited and De-bugged
      • The Divine Matrix
      • The Illusory Journey - Introduction To Evolution & Enlightenment
        • Gnosis
        • Consciousness Development
        • Divine Evolution
        • Involution/Enlightenment
    • The Teachings of The Christ/Avatar - Past and Present (Under Development)
      • Christianity VS Churchianity: The Distortion and Recovery of The Teachings of "Jesus"/Yeshua of Nazareth
        • The Newly Recovered Teachings and Story of "Jesus"/Yeshua of Nazareth - The Ultimate Empowerment Coach
          • Nazareth was Not a city!
          • The Lost/Hidden Books Of The Bible
            • The Dead Sea Scrolls
            • The Nag Hammadi Library
          • The Missing Years
            • His Childhood
            • His Life Beyond “The Resurrection”
      • The Teachings Of The Latest Incarnation Of The Christ/Avatar
        • The Illusory Journey - Introduction To Evolution & Enlightenment
          • Gnosis
          • Consciousness Development
          • Divine Evolution
          • Involution/Enlightenment
        • The Handbook For Multi-Dimensional Life
          • Part 1 States of Consciousness
          • Part 2 The Initial Urge and the Journey of Evolving
          • Part 3 Characteristics of the Different Kingdoms
          • Part 4 Reincarnation and the Impressionless
            Equipoise of Consciousness
          • Part 5 The Planes
          • Part 6 Summary of States of Divine Consciousness
          • Part 7 The Sevenfold Veil
          • Part 8 The Beyond the Beyond State of God, the
            First Urge and the Cycle of Evolution and
            Involution of Consciousness
          • Part 9 The Ten States of God
          • Part 10 Conclusion
        • The Discourses
          • Avatar
          • Selfishness
          • God And The Individual
          • The Beginning And The End Of Creation
          • The Formation And The Function Of Sanskaras
          • The Removal Of Sanskaras
          • Perfection
          • The Life Of The Spirit
          • Selfless Service
          • The Avenues Of Understanding
    • Quantum Empowered Awareness & Skill Development: The Science of Super-Human Skills
      • Our Latent Senses - ESP/Super-Human Awareness
      • Quantum/Spiritual/Multi-Dimensional Gifts and Skills
        • Quantum/Multi-Dimensional Programming
        • Quantum/Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing Facilitation
    • ET/Multi-Dimensional Visitation & Technologies - Waying The Evidence (You Decide)
    • The War For Earth – Past And Present
  • And much more...

Secific Core Training Classes, Workshops and Courses: (full class & curriculum development is ongoing, though most classes are available now in their current form as presentations and workshops. ENROLL NOW at the bottom of this page)

  • Anything Is Possible! - The Secret Science of Unlimited Potential (Under Development)
    • SUP 101 - Dispelling the Myth of Impossibility (Completed and available on our YouTube Channel)
      • Understanding The Myth
      • Disproving The Myth Through Simple Logic
      • Solving The Problem
        • Understanding Why The Myth Is Perpetuated
        • Overcoming Ignorance and Wrong Thinking (Principle 2)
    • Proving & Explaining Unlimited Potential
      • SUP 102 - The Holographic Science Of The Matrix
        • Part 1 - Into To The Quantum Science Of Reality™ – Basic Intro To Quantum Holographics (Sys 7, Version 1.0, is extracted and available on our YouTube Channel)
        • Part 2 - The Quantum Science Of Reality™ Expanded – (Sys 7, Under Development)
          • Broader Historical Perspective - The Downfall of Western Civilization and Then The World
          • The Shift: The Light Is Returning
          • Updating Our Understanding of Ourselves and The Universe
            • Intro to The Multi-Dimensional Multi-Verse
              • The 3 Worlds and The 7 States and Stages
            • Intro to Holistic Quantum Empowerment™
            • Intro to Quantum Programming – Multi-Dimensional Holographic Programming
          • The Quantum Holographic Matrix™ - Proof of the existance of Ether/Max Planck's "Matrix" Field
      • SUP 103 - The Science of Empowered Human Potential™ (Sys 4)
        • The Science and Power Of Belief
          • The Simple Science of Quantum Programming
            • Beginning Mind Over Matter Science
            • "The Law Of Attraction" - Mistakes & Facts
          • The Basics Of Why And How It Works
        • General Perspectives on "Manifesting"
          • Basic Principles of the Power of Mind, Action, Alchemy and Creation/Manifesting
          • Advanced Manifesting Principles: Power and Polarity
      • SUP 104 - The Science Of Quantum Empowerment™ - A Deeper Understanding Of Our Empowered Capacity
        • The Origin of Human Potential
        • The Core of Human Potential
          • Enlightenment: The Journey of Consciousness Development
            • Evolution
            • Involution
          • Quantum Empowerment™
            • Tapping & Channeling Field Energy
            • Developing Empowered Skills/Abilities
        • Universal Checks and Balances
          • The Caretakers of Light
          • The Forces Of Darkness
        • Application
          • The Process
          • A Method/System
  • Q.E. Relationships (General, Not specifically Romantic){Listed In Order Of IMPORTANCE and Progression}
    • Q.E. Health and Ageless Living see below under Holistic Health)
        • Relating requires clarity and therefore health: especially mental-emotional health and healing/recovery from abuse and trauma, but also brain clarity and full, un-impeded functioning. We must therefore learn to heal, on all levels, and establish healthy patterns through which we can do our best to prevent illness, on all levels.
      • Developing General Relationship Guidelines, Boundaries and Agreements
      • Family Dynamics
        • Basic Psychology: Understanding The Mental-Emotional System (see Mental-Emotional Health)
        • Empowered Leadership and Parenting
  • Developing Empowering Romantic Relationships
    • The Emotional Empowerment Training Course™
      • Emotional Intelligence and Emotion Management
    • Empowering Dating Practices
    • Romantic Relationship Dynamics
    • Empowering Romantic Practices
  • Developing Holistic Health, Empowerment and Ageless Living
    • Mental-Emotional Empowerment & Wellbeing
      • Understanding Yourself and Others
        • Understanding The Mind and Emotions
          • Understanding The Mind and Brain
          • The Emotional Empowerment Training Course™
            • Emotional Intelligence and Emotion Management
      • Uplifting Practices for Mental-Emotional Balance and Confidence
        • Empowered Critical Thinking
          • Best Practices and Methods for Analysis, Organization and Prioritization
          • Empowered Learning
        • Empowering Communication
          • Empowered Conflict Resolution
            • Loving and Peaceful Communication
              • Non-Violent Communication
              • Identifying and Communicating Emotion
              • Peaceful Conflict Resolution
            • Managing and Healing Mental-Emotional Issues
              • Cognitive Dissonance
              • PTSD and Emotional Baggage
              • Mental Viruses
              • Recovery/Healing
              • Prevention
        • Understanding and Achieving Your Life Purpose
          • Developing Character and A Moral Center
    • Physical Empowerment & Wellbeing
      • Achieving, Maintaining and Sculpting A Healthy Physical Body
        • Toxification – Awareness, Precautions & Solutions
          • Understanding The Real Causes of Illness and Disease
            • Inner Stresses
              • The Mind-Body Inter-connection System
              • Common Stresses To Address
            • Environmental Stresses
              • Common Stresses To Address
          • Precautions and Solutions
            • Recovery/Healing
            • Prevention
        • Healthy Diet
          • What To Avoid
          • Healthy Options
        • Healthy Exercise
          • What To Avoid
          • Healthy Options
      • Bio-Electrical Empowerment
    • Spiritual/Subtle Energetic Empowerment & Wellbeing
      • Spiritual Practice/Yogas for Health
        • Chakra/Subtle Energy Vortex Clearing and Balancing
        • Meditation Practices
          • The 5 Forms
          • The Many Methods
        • Spiritual Self-Defence/Warfare - Multi-Dimensional Self-Defense via The 3 Worlds
        • Empowerment Practices To Use and To Avoid
        • Q.E. Energetic Healing Facilitation/Enhancement - The Science of Multi-Dimensional Healing and Recovery
  • Q.E. Professional, Business/Organizational Development
    • Achieving Financial Independence, Success & Freedom
      • As An Employee
      • As An Independent/”Self-Employed” Individual
      • As A Business Owner/Entrepreneur
    • Cooperative Professional/Social Achievement
      • Empowered Leadership Principles
      • Business/Community Motivation Techniques
        • Empowered Crowd/Community Funding
        • Empowered Presentation Through Clear, Powerful and Inspiring Communication
    • Empowered Business Development and Hyper-Growth
  • Djedi Training - Q.E. Super-Human Ability Development! (more details to come shortly)
    • Super-Human Energy Awareness and Ability Education
      • Q.E. Energetic Healing Facilitation/Enhancement - The Science of Multi-Dimensional Healing and Recovery
      • Q.E. Subtle Brain Tuning and Communication (The Quantum Science of Energetic Tuning and Telepathy)
      • Q.E. Subtle Energetic Sight Amplification and Tuning (The Science of Spiritual/Subtle Energy Sight and The Third Eye)
      • Q.E. Multi-Dimensional Travel (Astral, Dream and Other Dimension Remote Viewing and Travel)
      • Q.E. Subtle Energetic Self-Defense (The Science of Spiritual/Subtle Energetic Warfare)
    • Super-Human Skill Development Training
  • Q.E. Development of a Home, Work and Communal Space
    • Creating and Energetically Protecting The Space (spiritually and technologically)
  • Q.E. Community Service and Contribution
  • Q.E. Activities

Note: This is Not a complete list! Email us via the form on our Contact Us page for a more detailed list of topics covered in our classes and workshops, but the bottom line is that we cover Every area/aspect of life you wish to improve.
Also, keep in mind that many of these are not just classes, but workshops where you will learn techniques and develop skills you can start applying right away!

Specifics to Consider (not in above order):

* Relationships
- If your core relationships with family, romantic partners and friends are not joyful, peaceful, and meeting your wants and needs, are you, and can you Truly be, happy with your life?

* Abundant Financial Freedom
- Is your Business/Career passion-based, truly fulfilling you at your core ("heart/"soul level"): and giving you freedom to travel and enjoy life's abundant opportunities?

* Empowered Health and Ageless Living
- Are you Holistically healthy and living with little or no "aging" signs or illness? (Holistic means whole/complete, so we're asking if you are happy and healthy on all levels: Mental-Emotional, Spiritual/Subtle Energetic, and Physical)
- Are you weighed down and/or in pain, carrying baggage and wounds from past relationships and trauma which you haven't healed yet?
- Are you often sick, in pain, having trouble sleeping or feeling fully rested? The reasons behind these issues, scientifically speaking, are often not merely physical and the cause is often on the other levels.
- Have you heard about the latest scientific research on the subject?

-Would you like to be so healthy, that you rarely get sick or feel pain?
That when you do, you can restore yourself to proper health quickly and with as little unpleasantness as possible?

- Would you like to know how to age well, with few wrinkles and no chronic pain or body distortions, such as the commonly-feared experience of being permanently hunched over and/or walking with a cane or other support tool?

* Business/Organizational Development
- Is your business or organization a positive, empowering, smoothly-running system, accomplishing it's goals and making a difference in the world?
- Are the members each functioning at their highest potential of performance?
- Do they work together well, peacefully and positively?
- Are you staying up-to-date on the latest scientific research, tools, systems, technologies and methods?

* Empowering Character, Energetic and Professional Dev.
- Are you learning and growing as a person in all the ways you wish to? Are your thoughts and habits all positive, beneficial, empowering and making you happy?
- Have you identified and started developing your core and supporting skills?
- Is your profession and role in that profession everything you want it to be?
- Have you learned about everything you want to understand?
- Do you have the acceptance, support and insight from someone who is qualified to see, understand and guide you on this journey of personal growth: someone who really understands and accepts you as you are without judgment, while still supporting you in achieving your full potential?
- Do you feel that you truly understand and are living your reason for being on this planet at this time?
- Are you exploring special interests, such as extra-sensory/spiritual phenomenon?

* Uplifting Activities
- Do you live a life of balanced work and fun?
- Do you enjoy and feel fulfilled by how you spend your non-professional time?

* Home, Work and Communal Space
- Are your mental-emotional, living and work spaces filled with positive people, organized and prioritized, and providing a rich and peaceful foundation for your life?
- Do you enjoy living in your neighborhood/community, city/country?

* Community Service and Contribution
- Does your life have meaning?
- Are you giving to others, providing or contributing to community service/support and development, locally and/or globally the way you would like to, monetarily or otherwise?
- Are there improvements you would like to see, inspire or create in your community but you don't know how to start?

The Hero's Journey - Achieving your full potential:

- Have you achieved your full potential in each area of life, or are there areas you wish to explore further?
- Do you even know what your potential is? Most people don't, because we are not typically educated in these matters.

If yes, take the first step right now, while you feel motivated! Fill out the application for our business or personal Quantum Empowerment Training Program™ and let our qualified specialists help you create the successful, empowered life you really want to live.

Many people like to try to do things on their own, but if you could do it on your own, you would have already: so get the empowered guidance and support you need to become the creator of your own life in the most efficient and powerful way possible.

Even if you are in the process of developing yourself and the life you want, do you know if you are doing as well as you could with our help? Creating the life you want, and becoming the person you want to be, requires knowledge, skills and systems: which most people never learn. You weren't taught in school how to achieve your full potential, nor even how to powerfully apply the knowledge you gained in ways which are proven to get you to your goals.

If you are not the powerful, successful, happy and fulfilled person you want to be in any of these aspects; don't put it off until later, because it's a proven fact that when people don't act immediately, they usually get distracted and forget why and how strongly they wanted to do something, and the willpower dissipates like a morning mist.

Don't give yourself another regret! Instead, get the education, knowledge and support you need right now, and learn to powerfully create the fulfilling life you truly want.

Apply for Quarterly or Longer Coaching & Educational Courses now!

For the Personal Development Application Personal Dev. Application Fill it out and email it to our Service Department at (capitalization is irrelevant and is used for ease of reading/comprehension only).

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If you are having financial trouble, we will not turn you away. We believe that it is everyone's right to be educated and have the support they need to create a good life, and that a lack of education in how to acquire financial support should not hinder anyone.

Therefore, we have developed Low Income Opportunities Program for those who are serious about achieving their potential but lack the funds to work with us. Simply fill out the application, and ask about our Low Income Opportunities in the space provided at the bottom for you to address any other important considerations.

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