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The Quantum Empowerment Coach™ - Brief Overview of Qualifications


Talking about myself this way is still a bit difficult for me, as I prefer not to talk about myself; so please bare with me. I am typically uncomfortable for a short period, then as I get into what I'm discussing I stop being self-conscious and focus on what I am sharing: and my natural heart state takes over again, returning me to a natural peaceful flow.

I am creating this today to answer a few important questions. Most people want to know who I am and what qualifies me to teach what I do, and so I will now share a brief overview: not my life's story, but what really matters: the struggles we all face which I have learned to overcome, which I now teach others to do as well.

Some of what follows is very out-of-the-box from mainstream preconceptions and experiences. At the very least, this may sound like bragging, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is not about me, this is about helping you understand your potential.

I do not ask you to believe anything I say, nor should you do so without just cause. I am not more important than any of you. What I have learned and achieved is a natural result of many decades of dedicated study and practice, testing all relevant information to the best of my ability to prove to myself what is True as a Gnostic monk and student of human potential. Anyone can accomplish these things and much much more.

I share these things for myself, as an act of courage (to put another nail in the coffin of old fears), and to share (with those who are willing to listen with open hearts and minds) a small sample of what you yourselves are capable. I hope that this will inspire you to join the Not-for-profit Holistic University I have created to teach you to pursue your own personal and social empowered potential as an infinitely creative being.

This is only the beginning of the latest phase of my work, bringing what I have learned to the masses (after more than a decade of private training of students), as part of our effort to help humanity rise to it's feet and achieve what is even now being recognized as the greatest transformation in human history.

Enjoy! :0)

Note: This document will likely not only be edited, but expanded upon greatly over the coming months and years. This is not my FULL qualifications, but only the qualifications applicable to the current classes I am offering. For a more detailed overview, see About The Founder, as I am also the Founder of this QE Alliance network.

General Life Wisdom (Personal & Organizational):

    Empowering Personal Growth & Exploration
    • Empowering Holistic Health & Ageless Living
      • Mental-Emotional Health & Self-Defense
      • Physical Health & Self-Defense
      • Spiritual Health & Self-Defense
    • Empowering Relationships
      • With Yourself
      • With Relatives and Friends
      • With Spouse and Children
      • With Creator
    • Empowering Finances
      • Making A Living
      • Money Management
        • Budgeting
        • Investing
          • In Yourself
          • In Others
    • Empowering Educational Principles, Techniques & Technologies
      • The Science Of Empowered Learning
      • The Science Of Empowered Teaching
    • Super-Human Potential
      • Super-human Awareness/Super-Consciousness & Abilities
        • The Multi-Dimensional Sciences
        • Techniques & Technologies
      • Mind-Over-Matter
        • Changing Matter
        • Creation/Manifesting
      • Multi-Dimensional Self-Defense

    Empowering Professional Growth & Exploration
    • Empowering Leadership/Management Psychology & Technique
    • Empowered Organization Creation & Management
    • Applied Technologies
      • Product Development
      • Physical and Informational Organization
      • Software & I.T. Development Management

General Gathered Wisdom & Accomplishments Overview:

Note: This video is a temporary, medium-quality Beta Test version and does not represent the quality of our professional multimedia productions.

Recommendations before you begin:
I suggest that you NOT expand the video full-screen, but instead read along with me, as I move quickly. I will start with the Preamble you may have read above. Then, I elaborate on the Achievements list below.

Personal Empowered Achievements:

    Empowering Personal Growth & Potential
    • Empowering Holistic Health & Ageless Living
      • Mental-Emotional Health & Self-Defense
        • Starting from
          • mental-emotional instability
          • loneliness and abandonment at a young age
          • depression and suicidal tendencies
          • abuse and taruma,
          • (and the baggage, PTSD and unhealthy relationships which came with them),
            • including unhealthy negative/abusive and manipulative communication and language habits
        • I learned to achieve
          • mental-emotional strength,
          • self-defense
            • learning to both identify and understand mental weaknes, manipulation abuse
            • and overcome all of the above
          • learning to heal the PTSD and let go of the baggage
          • loving understanding, forgiveness and peacful communication & existance
            • personally (within myself)
            • and relationally (with others)
        • I also learned to
          • identify and change my sleep patterns
          • empower myself using ancient & modern techniques, which allowed me to
            • get deeper, better quality sleep
            • require less sleep
            • achieve unusual and limitless creativity
            • process challenges and find solutions while sleeping (literally overnight)
            • set up an idea to be enacted while I dream, including creating a story/dream
            • learn while I slept
            • leave my body while sleeping and travel to other worlds
            • remember what I drempt
            • lucid dream (take control of my dreams)
            • enter and (with permission) control other people's dreams
              • Dreamwalking
              • Dream/Mental-World Creation
              • Mental-World Self-defense
                • defend friends from dream invasion/attack
      • Physical Health & Self-Defense
        • Starting from
          • nearly constant illness and low immunity
          • physical weakness
        • I learned to
          • protect my body from toxins,
          • achieve near-constant health and only become ill when overly stressed,
          • as well as unusual physical strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, speed and reflexes
        • I also went from
          • being scared, lacking confidence & self-esteem,
          • and being bullied
        • to
          • being confident and acting fearlessly
          • respecting and even appreciating myself
          • protecting myself and others
          • learning to solve confrontations positively and create positive outcomes, even to the point of
            • turning enemies into friends,
            • or at least achieving peaceful co-existance
      • Spiritual Health & Self-Defense
        • I went from
          • spiritual weakness & defenselessness
          • dark-side conflict
          • and fear
        • to
          • spiritual strength (defense)
          • spiritual power (offense)
          • the ability to quickly resolve spiritual conflict in the same manner as previously addressed on the physical level
            • including the ability to befriend enemies, even what most people would call "Demons, dark elementals and gods"
          • achieve spiritually fulfilling happiness and peace
          • and spiritual fearlessness
            • though this did bring out some arrogance which created needless confrontation and injury, though I learned to overcome it, regain and sustain peaceful interactions
    • Empowering Relationships
      • With Yourself
        • I have learned to understand, forgive, love and accept myself; something most people seem to believe they are incapable of achieving or at best fail at, simply because they haven't learned how.
      • With Relatives and Friends
        • I have learned to understand, forgive, love and accept others, healing from emotional baggage from suffering, abuse, neglect and abandonment.
        • I have also learned to help others accomplish these things for themselves and with others.
      • With Spouse and Children
        • I have learned to overcome the detriments of my upbringing and heal the baggage and detrimental habits which came with them, becoming the loving partner and father I wanted to be (without the abuse and suffering common to most people, including my extended family).
      • With Creator
        • Many people find this hard to believe, but just as is taught in "The Bible" and many other spiritual teachings throughout history, commonly known and unknown, it is possible to talk with "God" (pray) and listen (meditate on "Him") well enough to actually receive a response, and even get to know "Him".

          Regardless of what name, title or gender you have assigned to the Source of all reality, it exists. I have developed a wonderful unfailing relationship with this Being beyond any shadow of doubt. "He" has been the only one I could count on to always be there, guiding and supporting me, without fail.

          It has caused a lot of controversy, and at times been very difficult for even me to accept, especially when asked to do things I didn't want to do, and double so risking my life.

          It has been a long and difficult path, but this Being of love and peace is the solid foundation of my being and my relationship with my spiritual wife. I know that it is difficult for many to accept due to their own biases from past experiences.
          I do not try to force my beliefs on anyone, only share with those who I am here to help, and let them do with it what they will. It is not my job to convince anyone of anything, only share my knowledge and experiences with those who are ready.
    • Empowering Finances
      • Making A Living
        • Using the wisdom gathered from books and mentoring under successful entrepreneurs:
          • I overcame poverty and even homelessness and being abandoned by both parents due to their own mental-emotional issues
          • I created a spare-time business which, while only in my twenties, culminated in achieving my lifetime goal of:
            • being paid a full-time income equivelent to, and then greater than, the middle-class income my father brought in at the height of his time with us (working overtime and swing-shifts)
            • while having enough free time to accomplish what he did not:
              • having time for quality experiences with friends and family
          • I then retired in August of 2008
            • at 27 years old
            • having been paid up to $2,000/hr for my services, knowledge and guidance
            • having personally made over $30,000 in professional service sales in less than a month helping a business owner achieve more than doubling her business in under 2 years
            • amounting to a Net income of around $60,000 in less than nine months of spare-time work at the time of retirement
      • Money Management
        • Budgeting
          • Not only did I learn from a young age how to budget, but I successfully taught and still teach others.
        • Investing
          • In Yourself
            • The best investment you can make is in your own opportunities to learn and grow. By investing in myself, I have achieved
              • more of my goals than anyone I know,
              • a more enjoyable life than anyone I know,
              • a better financial status that any family members (and most friends) I know,
              • and things most people either don't believe they are capable of, or don't even believe are possible
          • In Others
            • I have created enough abundance to often invest money and other resources into other people, helping them to raise their understanding and quality of life, often sustainably.
    • Empowering Educational Principles, Techniques & Technologies
      • The Science Of Empowered Learning
        • I have learned rare secrets to learning correctly which have enabled me to learn more, faster and easier than most people.
      • The Science Of Empowered Teaching
        • I have applied only a fraction of the learning techniques to teach others, due to limited time and other resources, yet still been able to help people accomplish in a relatively short time what has taken others many times longer.
    • Super-Human Potential - Super-human Awareness/Super-Consciousness & Abilities
      • By studying The Multi-Dimensional Sciences, applying both ancient and modern Techniques & Technologies, and learning from practitioners and trainers achieving some of the highest levels of success in many arenas, including martial arts and Olympic-level sports; I have achieved:
        • Control over my mental, spiritual and physical bodies and energies, facilitating
          • super-human awareness and amplification of all physical senses
          • unusual strength for my build, fitness level and minimal exercise
          • unusual reflexes
          • control over bodily functions
            • amplified healing and spontanious remission of injuries and illness
            • the ability to put my body to sleep at will
            • body temperature control
            • heart rate control
        • Multi-Dimensional Awareness & Self-Defense
          • intuitive access to information commonly inaccessable and unknown
          • telekinesis
          • telepathy
          • empathy – the ability to feel the emotions/emotional energies of others
          • psychometry – the ability to read information stored in the various levels of energy field of an "object"
          • subtle/spiritual and mental energy control and self-defense
          • the ability to leave my body at will and interact with other levels/worlds of energy and experience
        • Mind-Over-Matter
          • Changing Matter
            • seemingly clearing toxins from substances
            • healing facilitation for others
            • seemingly changing density/gravity of objects
          • Manifesting
            • the ability to draw people and manifest situations into my life experience
    Empowering Professional Growth & Potential
    • Empowering Leadership/Management Psychology & Technique
      • I have learned to teach and lead a team to unusual levels of success/ability to achieve goals, even if they/we have conflicting personalities
    • Empowered Organization Creation & Management
      • I have learned to create and run both businesses and other types of organizations, and am a 5 time Certified Entrepreneur trained by fortune-level trainers, including a few millionaires & billionaires
      • I have been a successful entrepreneur for over a decade, providing services to many well-known corpations (see our web site for some examples)
    • Applied Technologies
      • Product Development
        • 10+ years of success as
          • Advertising/Marketing Materials Developer
          • Artist
            • Drawing, Painting & Illustration
          • Web Animation & Video Producer
        • 15+ years Software & I.T. Development & Management
          • personal and management success including:
            • Graphic & Graphic Interface Designer
              • 2D & 3D Graphics (still & animated)
            • Web Software Development
              • as the mentee of a fortune-level web developer entrepreneur
              • fortune level training through other organizations, including Adobe and
              • and as an independent entrepreneur/contractor developing web sites and information products
            • Computer Development & Training
              • as the mentee of the owner of a chain of computer stores
              • trainer of both computer techs and end users/organizations
              • as an independent entrepreneur/contractor managing a team
                • developing custom computers,
                • installing and maintaining computer systems for
                  • residential end users
                  • local small business
                  • and major corporations

Specific Subjects/Categories of Study & Expertise:

The Sciences (Learning about people, technology & the world/reality in general):

  • Sciences (Modern & Historical, on a Global scale)
      Global Psychology & Philosophy (Modern & Historical)
      • Psychology
        • Inspiration & Motivation
          • Overcoming Depression & Suicidal Thoughts
          • Inspiring People To Learn & Grow
            • Sustainable & Empowering Inspiration & Motivation
              • Psychology Principles
              • Methods & Systems
          • Brainwashing & Manipulation
        • Consciousness
          • The Conscious, Unconscious and Super-Conscious Mind
          • Consciousness Development & Capacities
        • Psychotherapy Principles & Techniques
          • Learning "Disorders"
            • Problems & Treatments/Solutions
          • Mental-Emotional Baggage & PTSD
            • Problems & Solutions
          • Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & NLP
          • EFT
          • Spiritual Psychotherapy
          • Jungian Depth Therapy
        • Sociology
          • Philosophy (Modern & Historical)
            • Religion & Spirituality
            • Polotics
            • Social Sustainability
          • Romance and Relationship Psychology
      • Parapsychology
        • The study of mental phenomena that are excluded from or inexplicable by orthodox scientific psychology (such as hypnosis, telepathy & other para-normal experiences, etc.)
      Global History & Archeology
      • General Archeology & Geology
      • Exopolotics
      • Ancient Technologies
      • Social/Community Structures
        • Tribes
        • Religions
        • Governments
      Cosmology (Modern & Historical)
      Astronomy (Modern & Historical)
      Astrology & It's Application (Modern & Historical)
      • Personal
      • Organizational
      Numerology & It's Application (Modern & Historical)
      • Personal
      • Organizational
      Biology (Modern & Historical)
      • General Biology & Body Systems
      • Cellular Biology
      • DNA
      • Neurology
      • Modern & Ancient Surgery
      • Digestive & Immune Function
      • The Pineal Gland/Third Eye
      • Health & Wellness (Modern & Historical)
        • Illness Prevention & Sustainable Health
        • The Mind-Body Connection Systems & Methods
      Human Potential (Modern & Historical)
      • Consciousness Development
      • Super-Human Abilities
      Health & Ageless Living (Modern & Historical)
      • Mental-Emotional Health
      • Physical Health
      • Spiritual Health
      Natural Resources & Sustainability Practices (Modern & Historical)
      • Water
      • Air
      • Energy (see Energetics & Electrodynamics)
      • Food
      Physics (Modern & Historical)
      • Energetics & Electrodynamics
          • EM
          • Plasma
          • Subtle Energy
            • Quantum Physics & Holographics
            • Multi-Dimensional Sciences
              • Principles & Technologies
  • Technologies (Modern & Historical, on a Global scale)
      • Programming
      • Graphic & Graphic Interface Design
        • 2D & 3D Graphics
        • Drawing, Painting & Illustration
        • Web Design
      • Animation, Motion Picture & Video Production
      Hardware Engineering
      • Modern & Ancient Computers
      • Modern & Ancient Vehicles
        • General Ancient Vehicle Design/Mechanics
        • Car Design & Mechanics
        • Flying/Anti-Gravity Physics & Engineering
      • Modern & Ancient Energy Storage Technologies
      • High and Low Frequency Energy Technologies
        • Low Energy Technology & Physics
        • High Energy Technology & Physics
          • Lasers
          • Electro-Gravitics
  • Business/Organization Creation & Management:
      Leadership & Management
      Advertising, Marketing & Branding (Internal and External)
      • Brand Creation & Mgmt
      • Marketing
        • Strategies & Methods
        • Systems & Technologies
      • Advertising & Sales
        • Psychology & Technique
        • Leadership & Training
          • Leadership Principles & Techniques
          • Training Principles, Techniques & Systems
        • Advertising Systems & Technologies
      Organization/Community Structure & Creation
      • General Principles
        • Economoics/Finance
          • Money, Currency Creation & Management
          • Making A Living
        • Sustainability
      • Tribal Community
      • Government
      • Business & Corporations

Apply for Coaching and/or Classes now!

We believe in smart, efficient learning, not the hard ways of past generations. Change takes time. It took many years for you to develop the mindset/perspective and habits which make up the person/organization you are now. It will take time to change that: months or even years. How long it will take it dependent on how well you are able to learn and follow the steps outlined for you.

We are constantly researching, developing and implementing the latest scientific research, technologies, systems and practices relevant to the varying areas of training. Our focus is on creating results, not merely theory; which is a big part of why our work is faster and more successful than the more commonly-taught methods of achieving success. However, it is up to you to practice what we teach and implement the tools and systems with lead to success.

Doing only some of what we teach leads to only achieving some of the success you could otherwise experience, and the difference can be months or even years. What takes one person a year or even a decade using traditional methods can take our students a few months to a year to achieve. Some of our students train with us for several years, and completely transform their lives and organizations to the point that they are not the same person when they are finished and achieve greater results than they could imagine they were capable of. Your empowered transformation starts here.

The Application Process:

  • Submit your application for review, and you will soon receive a scheduling call or email to schedule your Evaluation Call
  • Evaulation Call between you and our head coach/trainer to discuss your goals and what coaching or training classes/workshops will best help you along your journey and create an Action Plan outlining the steps to your goal.
    • If you are interested in more than the above options, we will customize your plan and package accordingly.
  • Follow The Action Plan
    • You may purchace a class either before or after your Evaluation Call.
      • If you purchase before the call, we will begin scheduling your classes/sessions at the end of the Evaluation Call.
      • If you have not purchased before the call, we will send you a PayPal invoice at the end of the call for you to pay for the class options you chose. (Paypal is not required. You can use the usual payment methods, including bank/credit cards.)

For the Personal Development Application Personal Dev. Application Fill it out and email it to our Service Department at (capitalization is irrelevant and is used for ease of reading/comprehension only).

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Note: If you are interested in both, fill out the Business Development application, and we will discuss both during the Evaluation Process.

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