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What Do We Teach?

The Long Answer:

The long answer requires teaching you some of the key terms and concepts, (if you want to spend the next twenty minutes reading, some people enjoy such things):

Empowerment is a word that's pretty self-exclamatory. Empowerment is a term that simply means gaining power. Quantum Empowerment however is something much more specific and much more powerful. Quantum Empowerment is a term first used in the personal development arena by The Quantum Empowerment Coach™. Before that point, the only available use of the term was in Quantum Physics and Mechanics and the applied sciences in which they were developing technologies to access the power of the Quantum Field. It was Not being used in the personal development industry at all. He thoroughly researched the subject before deciding to coin and use the term, as it is the most literally accurate scientific term he could think of.

Note: To make it easier to refer to, we abbreviate it to QE for easy reference when discussing it in our materials.

The reason we use this term is because most people do not understand power: what it is, how it works, how to tap into and use it. There are different forms of power. Tapping into and harnessing power has been called many things by many people throughout history. Even the Quantum Energy Field and QE has been called many other names throughout history before modern western scientists finally developed the technology to measure and experiment with it. It has been understood by those labeled as "Spiritual practitioners and Alchemists" as far back as recorded (whether documented or word of mouth/memorized) history goes.

It would take too long to explain all this in detail here, but to give you a basic understanding of this concept, I will say this: the nature and power of what we now call "reality", "the universe/multi-verse", "multi-dimensional reality", "The Matrix", the "holographic" or "energetic" world and how to harness that power has been understood throughout ancient history.

There is a lot of discussion now about "The Ancients" and their secrets, what "Jesus/Yeshua/The Christ/Avatar" and other Ancient Wisdom teachers such as Plato and Pythagorous called "The Mysteries" and studied and taught in "Mystery Schools" (ancient Holistic/whole being universities). A small part of this ancient science, and yes it very much is a science, (which as Plato describes goes all the way back to Atlantis and beyond: most people don't know that Plato is whom much of our information about Atlantis came from), is now being taught as "Universal Laws" such as the little-understood and often mis-applied "Secret/Law of Attraction" better known as The Power of The Mind among the scientific community and/or The Power Of Faith in the Spiritual community.

So, QE (in this context) has a similar meaning to QE in the Quantum Physics field, but has greater implications. We don't teach people to develop mechanical technology to access and use this power (at least, not yet). We teach you to harness it with your own mind and bodies and then use it in your everyday life. Yes, I said bodies, as you have more than one; but we'll get into that in our classes.

There is no way I could explain it here, as it requires an understanding of at least the basic concepts of Multi-dimensional/Holistic Physics and Electrodynamics, which can take hours if not days to explain. To review some of the latest research/studies on the subject, visit our Online Research and Training Library, as well as our Links page to visit our YouTube Channel and QE Community on Facebook. We have research videos on multiple Playlists to help you understand our QE Training and Coaching concepts, as well as other playlists full of research on various categories of scientific study applicable to our undertanding of our world, the multiverse and human potential in both community and home-life applicable ways.

 A Deeper Explanation of this Science/Curriculum of Holistic Empowerment

The QE Training Program is the name we have given to this Holistic/whole being (Mind, Spirit, Body/multi-dimensional) training program, by which we teach those who are ready to follow the path of Enlightenment/Gnosis (Uni-versal Divine Wisdom of the secrets/"Mysteries" of reality) to live as empowered "Children of God"/who they truly are inside, and live their full potential in each moment: to live the wonderful life they intended to live before they got lost in the maze of human over-complication that is our European-inherited and massively distorted societal philosophy/paradigm (our view of life and our world and the ideas which shape it).

This is actually the primary thing "The Avatar/Christ" came to teach in the form/Avatar body of "Jesus"/Yeshua: empowerment as "Children of God" understanding "Gnosis/Spiritual Knowledge" ("The Truth"/"Mysteries" which sets us free), accepting and using the power and authority which is our birthright as Divine beings. Most people don't know that Pythagorous was an Ancient Wisdom teacher and had his own Mystery School like the ones Jesus attended. In order to prove that you were ready for this empowering wisdom, you were required to prove yourself free of the control of fear/the Ego/selfish desires and that you were spiritually mature enough to use it to benefit others, rather than abuse that power and harm/try to dominate others.

It is the Ancient Wisdom of the true "Magi/Mages/Jedi/Wizards" portrayed in the Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter movies and books: which many "Christians" have, in the past, superficially labeled/ignorantly assumed to be teaching dark witchcraft. Nothing could be further from the truth! Christ, Solomon and Moses are technically classifiable as such, as said stories well demonstrate through their Alchemy (changing of one material to another) and the conflict between the Jedi/good spiritual practicioners and the Sith/evil/self-serving pratcitioners. Just as is well demonstrated in the movie "The Craft" and the TV show"Charmed" and to a more limited extent John Bunyan's well-known book "The Pilgrim's Progress": power is universal, and is merely a spiritual Energy/power/force which can be used for beneficial/"Good" or detrimental/"Evil" purposes, relative to the intent of the person/practitioner, just as any other form/tool of power such as Electricity can be.

As Bob Proctor put it; you can use electricity to cook a man's dinner, but you can also use it to cook the man. So it is with Divine/universal power. You can bless your food, yourself and others, or you can curse food, water, people or anything else; distorting the Quantum Programming of the energy fields which make up that object/holographic illusory form.

Many people will hear these words and wonder if these principles are based solely on some sort of religion, but nothing could be further from the truth. As explained above; you do not have to even believe in God/a Creator/a "higher power" or spiritual things of any kind to understand and apply what we teach, as they can be explained scientifically and adopted simply because they are true and beneficial. Our organization has no religion but the Divine Truth as expressed by the messengers of The Creator of the Uni-verse/Multi-verse and understood through experience of the material/dense energy, the spirit/"Subtle energy" and the Mental realms and beyond.

Organized religion serves the purpose of giving structure to spiritual children, and so it has it's place, but our program is no such endeavor. We are here to teach spiritual "teens" and adults ready to accept the resposibility of the knowledge and power which is their birthright. These teachings are Holistic classes, and these teachings have existed since the beginning in one form or another. We use both scientific and spiritual terms/concepts and research, as well as life experience, to teach the principles of life: and are on the "cutting edge" of bringing science and spirituality back together again, as is explained in our classes and other presentations of this science.

This knowledge is nothing new. Various religions and scientific organizations have claimed it as their own, just as religions try to claim God and Divine authority, but in the end they all become corrupt man-made distortions of The Truth with a capital T, Gnosis - the spiritual scientific knowledge of the Divine Source/Creator of the uni-verse/multi-verse, no matter what name it is given. The "New Age" and other movements/leaders claim a lot of it as their own as well; but it is only new to them, not to the world: as anyone may find through the study of any major culture's ancient historical written and oral traditions.

We believe (you don not have to), (and some of us know from personal experience) that the Creator/Source of our "reality" conveys these principles through a representation/representative (known commonly as The Avatar/Christ) repeatedly and ongoing, throughout time (multiple times per age), to preserve the integrity/accuracy, accessibility and purity of this Divine Wisdom for humanity: giving all of Creator's "children" the opportunity (when they are ready) to seek and find these Truths/Gnosis: and thereby learn about their Divine origin/source and their birthright as Divine Children.

As they spiritually mature (develop in Consciousness/Self-Awareness, the evolutionary progression/growth/maturing of the soul), they are given more and more access to the Divine wisdom and power which is their birthright/latent potential, hence the obvious expansion and deepening of teachings given by "him" each time "he" comes to awaken the Conscousness of developing human souls (as a family) as well as all other beings in the multi-verse, teaching to each on their present level of understanding/Conscoudness/Soul development, just as we do in grade school.

In our "western" European culture, this has been commonly conveyed to the public through Christianity/Judaism and therefore recognized as the terms "spiritual gifts" and knowledge of the "Holy Spirit" which "sets us free", which we gain along the "Pilgrim's journey"/"narrow road". In eastern traditions, and early (less corrupted) forms of Christianity as well, it is known as the "path of Enlightenment/Gnosis" and "The Mysteries". Most "lay people" (un/less-educated, non-teachers/deep studiers) have no idea what the real origin and ancient tradition is behind these "Mysteries" and the "Mystery Schools" through which they were taught, such as through the Egyptian (remnant Atlantian) and Buddhist schools through which "Jesus"/Yeshua the Christ (Joshua when properly translated into English from the original language and not translations of Greek translations from Aramaic - the language Yeshua spoke), Plato and Pythagoras (yes, that "Pythagorean theorem" Pythagoras) were trained.

Spiritual traditions have understood these advanced Spirit Energy Science principles for thousands of years, but only through the development of technologies which have allowed scientists to see past the limitations of their own eyes (visual spectrum) into the spiritual energy essence of the universe, has humanity finally begun to understand the deeper scientific principles which govern this consciousness hologram in which we live, and the higher capacities/potential of which we are all capable. They have even discovered organs of the body and parts/aspects of cells which allow us to receive, transmit and harness various levels of energy and information far beyond "normal" conscious awareness.

The eyes see less than 1% of the known light spectrum. Other worlds and levels of existence were unavailable to the common man until these technologies were developed, including levels of energy which our own bodies produce. Now we can see into the Gamma and X-Ray spectrum, Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red, and beyond. Some of these levels of light and sound are where spiritual beings and our own brain and heart energies interact, which of course inspired the TV shows many now enjoy such as Ghost Hunters. However, we do not recommend that you simply believe what you experience through television; as it is regularly and intentionally used to deceive and manipulate.

There have been many names throughout the world cultures and history (publicly known and otherwise) for this rare knowledge, but the core teachings/principles are always the same: and it is these "Mysteries", this Gnosis/Divine Wisdom/Spiritual Sacred Science that we teach. The "mysteries" are not mysteries because they are unknown/not publicly taught/available; but rather because most people are unable to understand them. This is chiefly due to ignorance (lack of education), though also often due to the fact (especially in ages past) that the consciousness/mind of the soul/spiritual child has not developed to the point at which it can comprehend and apply such concepts: as they require development of the literal structure/tissue and processes of the mind (mental body) to do so.

The Truth will set you free, though fist it might confuse and upset you. It conflicts with much of what you have been lead to believe as we adopted the rumors and theories of a largely ignorant society, growing up within a confused and lost world. However, for those who are ready: the Truth and it's teachers are always readily available.

The Quantum Djedi Knight™ Practitioner Certification Program

I explain the origin and concept behind this terminology in the material presented above, so I won't explain it here. I will clarify that this program has nothing to do with the Jedi religion which has developed over the last decade or so based on the hit movies and books by Goerge Lucas. This is a universal training program created not just for basic empowerment of the masses, but for advanced students who wish to dedicate their lives to higher empowered living and service to humanity, in whatever form.

This may simply mean re-orienting what you already do from the perspective and practice of higher Holistic principles, dedicating your life to Holistic practice and service to others. It may mean dedicating yourself to a new path, a completely new way of life, and becoming an enlightened intuitive, Holistic life coach & educator, mediator/negotiator, Holistic therapist or other form of healing facilitator, or even a minister. The possibilities of applying and living this knowledge is endless. We teach you the principles and offer certification, and you choose the form to create from it. We give you the wisdom and power, you choose how you want to apply it.

This does not mean that you have to commit to a life of service in order to take our classes. This is merely a statement of intent for the program itself, and it's deeper levels and capabilities, for those who seek such. You may take whatever classes you choose, with a few restrictions/safety measures: We are here to train light workers and create a beneficial future, not agents of darkness or chaos who would create a future with those characteristics. We do not empower those who are detrimental, only those who are beneficial to themselves and others.

Like the mystery schools of ancient times, as guardians of this wisdom and humanity itself: we do not train those who would use Divine power and wisdom to harm or control others. As the Arthurian Knights of the Round Table of the not-so-distant past, we believe in Divine equality. We only empower those who live by love and peace, and a commitment to such will be required for those who commit to training and certification as Knights.

All students seeking certification and/or empowerment will be tested, intuitively evaluated and qualified for the higher levels of this program in which we teach empowerment principles that could be used for harm and manipulation. We live and serve Divine Natural Law and will. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we see fit, and all other rights as well.

That being said, this training program is made for all who seek and live by the light of Truth, love and peace. Love is the Divine essence of all things, and all who live by love will receive the highest and best that we can give. We do our best not to allow artificial restrictions, such as cast/social position, creed, gender, color, religion, financial status, or any other superficial insignificance to interfere with the ability of all who wish to be free and empowered to learn what is necessary to achieve such, and do our best to support you in such endeavor, including offering scholarship programs.

So, in summary: you have two choices. You may choose to take individual classes/courses through our school which you feel will help you live a happier, healthier, more empowered life: or you may choose to dedicate yourself to service, and take the full training and certification program to become a certified Quantum Djedi Knight™. If you do not understand what that means, then you probably didn't review the audio/video and other clarifying information/presentation(s) above, and we suggest that you do so. If you have, and you still don't understand some aspect of this; you are welcome to Contact Us and request further clarification.

No matter which path you choose, I welcome you to the school of Quantum Empowerment™. I am it's founder, The Quantum Empowerment™ Coach/Trainer, Djedi Knight of the old ways. I am ancient and immortal, as are you; you just probably don't know it yet. I look forward to helping you awaken to the reality of your True Divine nature, wisdom and power as a being of love and peace. I wish you good health and long life.

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