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Quantum Empowerment Training™

Holistic Human Potential Training - Your Guide To Exploring Your Full Potential Holistically, From The Inside Out

 Basic Introduction:

It is very obvious to anyone who has been paying much attention; that our society has fallen far short of our ideals of peace, health, love and prosperity. People talk about it all the time, mostly in superficial ways and complaining rather than discussing potential solutions; which is why most people haven't solved these problems we all experience. In fact, these are often the same problems humanity has been experiencing for most if not all of history.

Have you ever wondered why these common human problems haven't been solved yet, after thousands of years of "scientific" study and "practice"? It has been bothering me since I was a child, but I actually decided to do something about it. I decided that with all the scientific research available today, and with the internet allowing us to share information around the world; there had to be people in the world who had figured out how to solve these common issues: and therefore I should be able to find and study them in order to learn how they did it, solve my own problems, and then help others do the same. So, that's what I did!

Based on our success in overcoming the common problems in both our business and personal lives; we have determined that the primary problem is lack of understanding: both of the root causes and of the solutions. This is not due to lack of information, as most people believe, but rather due to the failure of our supposed "educational system" to teach these things. We have gathered extensive research on this subject, and present it in some of our classes: as well as sharing some of the research on our YouTube Channel. The history is less important than understanding the problem and solution, so we'll focus on that for now.

The root cause of all our problems seems to boil down to two main things: lack of understanding and lack of effective communication. There are many areas/aspects of life we are unhappy with, but if understood fully: these issues, such as unhappy relationships, unhappy professional situations, unhappy communities, etc can be resolved. We simply don't fully understand what causes our unhappiness and how to communicate effectively to solve it. We often think we do; but what we think we understand is only the surface level of the iceberg: which is why we can't normally solve these issues.

People seem to understand both aspects best when we describe them in technological terms: since these issues are not easy to see because we only see the behaviors and situations, not what causes them. We think we understand thoughts and emotions and how they lead to our actions, but we really don't; which is why most of us are unable to solve these problems on our own. This is where specialized knowledge comes in.

To help you understand these issues, let's use an analogy we can all relate to, and understand the functions of: a computer. Think of your mind as a computer. There are two parts to the mind: the Conscious and the Sub-Conscious; the part you're aware of, and the part that runs automatically. The Sub-Conscious is your Operating System (OS), like Windows or Linux: your Mental Matrix System. It runs not only your heart and lungs automatically, but also your core view of yourself and reality, your thoughts, behaviors/habits and emotions.

We all grew up with people who didn't know how to be happy and successful, and we learned to think, feel and act the same way they do, both consciously and sub-consciously/habitually. Your family, your friends, social groups and organizations; everyone you observed and interacted with effected how you thought about yourself, the world you live in, and your relationship to it and the people around you. Now, because they don't know how to be the best they can be; their beliefs, words and habits are not always beneficial: they're loaded with Mental Viruses!

The beliefs and habits of everyone around you were downloaded into your Mental Matrix as a child, and based on what you chose to believe: those ideas were prioritized and structured into your own belief system, perspective and habits (Mental Matrix) which now dictate how you think, feel and act. This follows a process, which we have learned to write as a formula that is simple to understand, to better help people become aware of how this works. One thing leads to another:

Mental Matrix Beliefs & Perspective -> Thoughts -> Feelings -> Choices -> Actions/Reactions

Also: Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Results/Life Experience (explained further in the classes)

Our beliefs are the pool of information from which our thoughts flow. In response to our thoughts, our hearts (not just our minds, more on that later) then respond to our view of our situation with what we call feelings, which most scientists are still struggling to understand even the basics of. What they have learned is that what we call feelings/emotions are much more powerful and important than once thought. They can be so powerful, that they can even overwhelm our Consciousness and interfere with our awareness and understanding of the situation, and cause us to react automatically/habitually and inappropriately.

Not only can our emotions be a problem in the present moment, but they can also come back to haunt us like Ghosts, when a situation seems similar to a past experience which upset us before. These Emotional Ghosts/Ghost Viruses can cause further emotional overwhelm because it adds to our current emotions about the present situation. Past and present collide and become a swirling mess of emotions, and can cause us to over-react even more than we normally would, saying or doing things we often regret but feel that we can't control. Some forms of these viruses by which we lose perspective and control are often called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), though that term is being re-evaluated by the Psychology community due to recent discoveries.

So, we have three main problems/kinds of Mental Viruses: inaccurate beliefs, detrimental habit patterns and Emotional Ghosts. These problems lead to many common symptoms often mistaken as the problems:

  • confusion about what to believe, how to act and what to feel,
  • low self-esteem,
  • feelings of depression and helplessness,
  • the Emotional Yo-Yo effect of extreme highs and lows,
  • constantly feeling like a victim of the past,
  • misunderstandings and miscommunication,
  • addictive behavior,
  • over-sensitivity,
  • excess anger and fights,
  • blame-shifting and other avoidance techniques,
  • the list goes on and on.

The Empowerment Solution: Mental Matrix De-Bugging& Upgrades

Continuing with the mental software analogy, the solution becomes rather obvious: we have to identify the viruses and de-bug our Mental Matrix. As we do that, we can also identify outdated software and perform software upgrades. Quantum Empowerment Training™ upgrades your mental software with the leading-edge knowledge, techniques, tools and systems with which you can become your ideal self and start creating a truly happy and fulfilling life for yourself and those you love.

It is time to return our society, as a global community and family of humanity, to the path which will ensure a brighter future for our children and generations to come. Through our global community and alliance network, we gather and share the most advanced wisdom, techniques and tools for removing hindrances and detrimental habits, and empowering people to create a life, business and/or community more beneficial in all aspects/areas. We bring you the most powerful scientific knowledge, from both modern and ancient times, to facilitate a return to beneficial, sustainable, Holistic growth and positive empowering success.

We use the word Holistic because this doesn't just come from one level or aspect of ourselves. We think of ourselves as mind and body, and all that we see as solid material, but as spiritual traditions have known for thousands of years: this isn't the truth of things. We are complex, multi-layered being, and so is our reality (multi-layered/leveld).

There are 3 levels to consider here that make up the Holistic picture; Mind/Intellect, Emotion/Heart/Spirit, and the physical level. There are the 3 levels/worlds in which we exist. These levels are inter-connected levels of energy and experience, and together make up the Holistic (Whole/Complete) picture of The Three Worlds, like pieces of a puzzle or layers of a cake or building. Only when you understand all 3 can you fully understand yourself and the world around you.

Now, many people don't believe in all of these. Many people have out-dated, inaccurate/incomplete ideas of themselves and the universe which have been scientifically proven to be incomplete. Through the development of technologies which see and measure what our eyes can not, scientists have proven that there are many more levels and aspects to everything than they have theorized over the centuries. The funny thing is, scientists used to believe in such things, and are now being forced to rethink their inaccurate assumptions. Many new departments of scientific study have developed, the most important of which (to our work) are The Subtle Energy Sciences and Consciousness Development.

Consciousness Development is the most advanced, least understood area of all. Why? Because Consciousness is intangible and immeasurable. Like the wind, we only know what it is by comparing it with what it is obviously separate from, what it isn't. This is how it has been scientifically proven that neither we nor our awareness are our brain or a construct of our brain. We have the proven ability to over-ride our brain's signals. If we can control it, it does not control us, and we are separate from it. Spiritual traditions call us souls, but as usual scientists have trouble accepting that spiritual things are true, so they made up the word Consciousness. Regardless of what you call it, learning to use this information and develop your Consciousness and related skills has amazingly powerful effects on our lives.

We share this leading-edge knowledge through our Quantum Empowerment Institute™ by offering empowering, Holistic (whole being) training classes and workshops. We also offer Coaching/Mentoring and Counseling/Therapy services to support humanity in recovering and maintaining wellness on all levels, applying the principles we teach in our training classes and workshops to create the best life they can in every way. Join us in learning to restore ourselves and our communities to a more beneficial, healthy, sustainable and fulfilling way of life, while exploring our full potential.

Overview: Who Are We?

We are Holistic trainers/coaches/guides; here to serve humanity by sharing The Science of Quantum Empowerment™, (Holistic Scientific Wisdom gleaned through the study and practice of modern and ancient wisdom and skills), in order to support you in creating a better/more beneficial life and world for yourself, your loved ones, and ultimately for humanity. We are merely facilitators, acting as conduits of empowering wisdom and catalysts for intelligent thought and action, leading to positive change in the world.

The Quantum Empowerment Coach™ and Mental Matrix Tech™ is the core Coach/Professor leading the creation of the curriculum for The QEI, but there are many contributors; too many to list. The QE Coach draws on his own extensive educational library, decades of experience, and the gathered wisdom from his own coaches, trainers/mentors and peers in the global community; which he has combined to create the most leading-edge system we know of (otherwise we wouldn't have had to create it!).

What Do We Teach?

QE Training Program Introduction - Quantum-Empowered Holistic Living

In order to answer this question, we must delve into the heart of what "empowerment" is, and what human potential is as we describe and teach it here at the QEA. There are different ways to look at the world and information, and therefore different ways to look at and describe what we teach, as well as many ways to teach the wisdom principles, techniques and systems we harness for our own empowered growth.

The Short Answer:

We teach the Holistic science of how to access and explore your full empowered potential and create the happy, fulfilling and successful life you desire in all ways and areas of life: whether that be personal, organizational or community levels, from local community to the global human family. This is taught and applied topically through training classes, workshops and coaching, including (but not limited to) the core areas of achieving:

  • Empowered Relationships - Family, Professional, Social, and Romantic
  • Empowered Holistic/Whole-Being Health and Ageless Living on ALL levels
    • Mental-Emotional Health
    • Spiritual/Subtle Energy Health
    • Physical/Dense Energy Health
  • Empowered Professional, Business/Organizational Development
  • Empowered Development of a Home, Work and Communal Space
  • Empowered Community Service and Contribution

Personal Dev. ApplicationQETP Overview:
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Personal Dev. Application For more details of our Coaching & Training Program Core Curriculum (always expanding)

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 How Do We Teach It?

We've all read books, and most of you have probably attended scientific or spiritual presentations/seminars and learned a lot about how you should live, but you probably don't live what you learned the way you know you should. It's not your fault; most people are that way. In fact, studies show that over 90% of the population fail to be the person they want to be and create the happy and fulfilling personal, family and professional life they want to live. This is because they are taught using out-dated and mis-applied methods, and were never taught how learning works, let alone how to learn in a way which will actually dictate/re-train how they live!

Our curriculum is taught using the most advanced and powerful teaching techniques we have found from around the world: empowered techniques specifically designed to not only educate your conscious mind, but through out Coaching and Training Process; we re-train your sub-conscious mind and help you actually remember and live what you learn!

We offer individual classes, Coaching Services to guide you through the process of applying what you learn and changing how you live, becoming the person you truly want to be, and also a complete/whole-life re-training called The Quantum Empowerment Training Program™ for those who want to break free of their detrimental habits and limiting beliefs, and become empowered in every area of life. This is done on both a 1-on-1 and a group basis, offered to both individuals and business/organizations. If you wish, we will even train you to serve others by sharing this knowledge, helping people learn and live healthier happier lives as well!

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to Dave Austin, Dan Millman, John Assaraf, Tony Robbins and Peak Potentials for being some of the most inspiring coaches/trainers I have ever had the privilege to learn from, who inspired me by both their example and methodology to create this international university of higher learning. Until I met Dave Austin and Tony Robbins, I was only training people 1-on-1 who noticed how differently I lived and asked me to share my knowledge.

They have all been a great inspiration, but the year I met John, Dave and Tony changed everything. I helped more people at once and earned more money in one month than I usually was able to in nearly six months, and retired. That was 2008. Now, many years later, I officially take my trainings public after creating a global alliance organization and online university through which anyone may learn to pursue their full potential.

If any of you are reading this, thank you all, and I look forward to working with you to create a better world over the next century!

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