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The Quantum Empowerment Training™ Program & Institute

Core Service and Product Pricing & Application:

(Service descriptions and details elaborated on in the QETP Overview)
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QETP OverviewQETP Overview: For a concise Overview, including Training/Workshop and System/Tool pricing as well as other details, Click on the PDF image to View It Online OR Right/Command-Click it to Save the PDF To Your Computer and View Outlined Bookmarked Sections (which apparently are not typically available when viewing it online)

Important To Note:

  • All educational services are optimized to create powerful results using our own Quantum Empowered Growth™ Enhanced Learning System to help you achieve the most results in the least amount of time and without wasted effort.
  • Funding options are available for financially challenged applicants. See the Scholarship/Low Income Program in the above menu for details or to learn how to donate your time, funds or talents. Thank you for your support!
  • Class/Session and Course sign-up is typically a long-term enrollment initiated by filling out the appropriate application below and setting up an Evaluation Call to discuss your interests and creating a Customized Action Plan for your work with the appropriate trainer/service provider(s).
  • However, in order to facilitate easy and efficient sign-up, (especially for those signing up for a single class or session): the following Preliminary sign-up options are being made available for Pre-Application Payment, to speed up the enrollment process.
  • You will still need to fill out an application below!

Individual Human Potential Training Classes/Workshops:

  • Individual class/workshop Sign-Up (generally 2 hours each, so 2 hour options available below for pre-purchase)
    • $100 per hour for Professional/Organization Development and $125 per class for Personal Development
    • extended/custom classes available upon request with a maximum of 3-4hr stretches before a break is required

  • Class/Workshop Options


    • This pricing is for non-package classes and hourly rates apply to overtime extension of package classes.
    • Bulk/group discounts are available for contracts/packages (more than 2 classes/5 people, Contact Us for details)
    • Custom Classes/Workshops (included recorded versions) available upon request (some acceptions/restrictions may apply, Contact Us for details)
    • Detailed descriptions and the complete list of available classes are currently available by email only.
      • Updates to the QETP Overview are coming very soon, so check back next week or follow our Training Page on Facebook (Links page) where we will post immediately upon update completion
  • Recorded classes are $25-35 (from online streaming/download to CD/DVD copy for review and information application as part of our Quantum Empowered Growth™ Enhanced Learning System, see Important To Note above)

Individual Human Potential Coaching/Mentoring and Counseling/Therapy Sessions: (some exceptions/restrictions may apply, see QETP Overview for detailed descriptions)

  • $150 per hour for General Professional/Organization Development Coaching/Mentoring
  • and $200 per session ($100 per hour up to 2 hrs) for Personal Development Services
    • Coaching and Mentoring services include many skilled aspects and service options, outlined in detail in the QETP Overview above
    • Holistic (whole being) Counseling/Therapy, which can be included in the Coaching/Mentoring Sessions as needed, is available separately upon request for individuals, couples and groups: covering a variety of issues and levels of wellness as well as therapy systems, including (but NOT limited to):
      • Mental-Emotional Level
        • Understanding Yourself & Exploring Your Potential (See Related Class Info for Details)
        • Understanding Others (See Related Class Info for Details)
        • Empowered Communication & Relationship Development
        • Mental-Emotional Baggage and Abuse/Trauma Recovery
        • Detrimental Habit/Addiction and Limiting Belief Reprogramming
        • and much more
      • Skills/Techniques Commonly Used:
        • Jungian + Alan Watts Style Depth Counseling/Spiritual Therapy
        • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
        • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
        • Quantum Empowered Mental Virus Removal & Reprogramming™
          • This is a unique system developed by The Quantum Empowerment Coach™ - Christopher Moeller, Certified Hypnotherapist, Level 4 Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner of many other empowering systems and techniques, combining decades of leading-edge scientific research, training and experience.
        • Empowered Self-Reflection/Analysis to enhance self-awareness, behavior and pattern identification and resolution/reprogramming
        • Reiki Bio and Subtle Energy Healing Therapy
      • Spiritual/Subtle Energy Level
        • Subtle Energy & Light Therapy
          • Light Frequency/Color and Laser Therapy
          • Auditory/Audio-Visual Frequency Therapy
          • Reiki Bio and Subtle Energy Healing Therapy
      • Physical Bodywork Sessions (can be combined upon request, especially with Reiki/Energy Healing Facilitation)
        • Reiki Laying Of Hands Bio and Subtle Energy Healing Therapy
        • Physical Therapy
          • Acupressure
          • Zone Therapy and Reflexology
          • Relaxing or Therapeutic Massage
      • Combination/Holistic
        • Reiki Bio and Subtle Energy Healing Therapy (listed in various places to demonstrate what levels it primarily works on)
        • Reiki Massage – relaxing or therapeutic massage and Reiki are combined for an empowering relaxing and healing experience
        • Quantum Empowerment Technologies™
          • Auditory/Audio-Visual Frequency Therapy
          • Quantum Programming™
            • A unique system combining many of the techniques/systems and techologies already listed to create an amplified approach to achieving your full potential
          • Quantum Empowerment Accessories™ such as specially designed jewelry quantum programmed to enhance personal performance in every area of life, such as athletics/sports, sexual, business, and much more

Short and Long-term Coaching/Mentoring and Counseling/Therapy Packages: (regular hourly rates listed above apply for overtime)

4 Week Packages

    • Bronze: 20% off normal session price – 1 session every other week
      • $320 (save $80)
    • Silver: 25% off – 1 session each week
      • $600 (save $200)
    • Gold: 40% off – 2 sessions per week
      • $960 (save $640)

    • 4 Week Coaching/Counseling Options (offered first; other packages offered after the first 4 week trial period)

12 Week Packages (additional 20% off the already discounted packages above, recordings created using Skype voice calls: available downloadable or via CD/DVD copy for review and information application as part of our Quantum Empowered Growth™ Enhanced Learning System, see Important To Note above)

  • Bronze: $768 – 1 session every other week
    • Save $272 over above discounts + bonuses
    • Bonuses - 1 SED, 1 session recorded (if recorded, download or CD/DVD)
  • Silver: $1,440 – 1 session per week
    • Save $560 over above discounts + bonuses
    • Bonuses - 1 SED, 2 sessions recorded
  • Gold: $2,304 – 2 sessions per week
    • Save $1,216 over above discounts + bonuses
    • Bonuses - 2 SEDs (1 at the beginning, 1 at the end of the 8th week), All 24 sessions recorded, 1 Class/Training

Professional/Organization Consulting Services:

  • Starting at $200 per hour (first consultation will determine the work going forward and whether a price adjustment would be appropriate)
  • Depending on subject and depth of educational elaboration/information processing and evaluation required, may be as much as $2,000 per hour plus travel and other expenses. Email us for details.
  • Get started by filling out the appropriate application below

Apply for Quarter, Half or Full-Year Coaching & Educational Courses now!

We believe in smart, efficient learning, not the hard ways of past generations. Change takes time. It took many years for you to develop the mindset/perspective and habits which make up the person/organization you are now. It will take time to change that: months or even years. How long it will take it dependent on how well you are able to learn and follow the steps outlined for you.

We are constantly researching, developing and implementing the latest scientific research, technologies, systems and practices relevant to the varying areas of training. Our focus is on creating results, not merely theory; which is a big part of why our work is faster and more successful than the more commonly-taught methods of achieving success. However, it is up to you to practice what we teach and implement the tools and systems with lead to success.

Doing only some of what we teach leads to only achieving some of the success you could otherwise experience, and the difference can be months or even years. What takes one person a year or even a decade using traditional methods can take our students a few months to a year to achieve. Some of our students train with us for several years, and completely transform their lives and organizations to the point that they are not the same person when they are finished and achieve greater results than they could imagine they were capable of. Your empowered transformation starts here.

The Application Process:

  • Submit your application for review, and you will soon receive a scheduling call or email to schedule your Evaluation Call
  • Evaulation Call between you and our head coach/trainer to discuss your goals and what coaching or training classes/workshops will best help you along your journey and create an Action Plan outlining the steps to your goal.
    • If you are interested in more than the above options, we will customize your plan and package accordingly.
  • Follow The Action Plan
    • You may purchace a class either before or after your Evaluation Call.
      • If you purchase before the call, we will begin scheduling your classes/sessions at the end of the Evaluation Call.
      • If you have not purchased before the call, we will send you a PayPal invoice at the end of the call for you to pay for the class options you chose. (Paypal is not required. You can use the usual payment methods, including bank/credit cards.)

For the Personal Development Application Personal Dev. Application Fill it out and email it to our Service Department at (capitalization is irrelevant and is used for ease of reading/comprehension only).

For Business/Organization or Community Development Bus. Dev. Application

Note: If you are interested in both, fill out the Business Development application, and we will discuss both during the Evaluation Process.

For a List of our other related Services download the QETP Overview Bus. Dev. Application

Need help?

If you have any trouble at all, request help via the Contact Us page and get the support you need. We will gladly guide you through the enrollment process.

If you are having financial trouble, we will not turn you away. We believe that it is everyone's right to be educated and have the support they need to create a good life, and that a lack of education in how to acquire financial support should not hinder anyone.

Therefore, we have developed Low Income Opportunities Program for those who are serious about achieving their potential but lack the funds to work with us. Simply fill out the application, and ask about our Low Income Opportunities in the space provided at the bottom for you to address any other important considerations.

To support our students and Donate to our Scholarship & Low Income Opportunities Program Bus. Dev. Application

If you're simply not ready yet, no problem! Feel free to come back to us when you are ready to start creating the life you want, and we'll be happy to help you!